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Spring 2024

The latest album ‘The Return’ chronicles the state of affairs as we move closer to the end of the age.

Chris Smith played a crucial role on bass and keyboards, and engineering.

Nic Burrows played drums with his customary flair and creativity.

Jeannie sang backing vocals, fitting snuggly into the songs' grooves.

I wrote all but one of the nine songs. The album is now available to listen to on all the main music players.

Here's the YouTube link The Return YouTube Music

Here's the Spotify link The Return Spotify

Winter 2023/24

The recording sessions for the new album "The Return" are going well. Nic Burrows is on drums and has been laying down some excellent grooves:

Chris Smith has been playing bass and keyboards, with fine creativity and panache.

Jeannie has been singing some stratospheric backing vocals, layer after layer. And I have been playing the guitar parts, and lead vocals. The songs focus of the return of Christ. The release date is late February maybe early March.

Summer 2023

I wrote a song called "It's Gone Well Past That", you can see the video of it here

"It's Gone Well Past That"

Also "Can't Get That Stuff No More" is the title of an old blues song. Larry Norman added a few lyrics to it and I've added a few more.

"Can't Get That Stuff No More"

These songs are all on the same channel. Here's another one that's been updated slightly.

"Don't Waste Your Life"

We are living in important days, let's stay focused and remember that "The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever” (Isaiah 40:8).

Grace and peace, Paul

Spring 2023

I was thinking back recently to a time in 2001 when singer/songwriter Larry Norman and I prayed together before a concert we were performing at. Larry was a man who had the touch of God's Spirit upon him and in him. After the prayer Larry said that as I prayed thoughts of Adam in the garden came to him. Larry had recorded a famous album "So Long Ago The Garden" and in his concerts would sometimes talk about the way we'd left the simplicity of God's original intention for humanity. So hearing him inspired by a prayer I'd prayed was interesting. I can't remember exactly what I prayed but we know that God's Spirit moves in ways we can't always fathom.

It was only after I'd written books about Adam in the Garden and the story of Genesis that I remembered what Larry had said to me. Somehow he saw what God had put within me, even though I hadn't seen it myself at that time.

Larry's music continues to make an impact on the world. "God testifying of his gifts: and by it he being dead yet speaketh" (Heb 11:4).

Presently I am still working hard with Living Stones - Church on the internet. Some of the Zoom meetings and Bible Studies have been inspiring.

The Lord is at work in the world in a special way and many people can feel that forthcoming events are casting their shadow on the days that we're living in.

Larry Norman

Autumn/Winter 2022

Creating content for "Living Stones - Church on the internet" has been my main focus. The Lord has been doing some good work among us, please feel free to join us in our various places of meeting: Zoom, YouTube, Facebook Group etc.

I've been teaching a short series on the second advent of Jesus you can see some of the videos here Revelation 6 - 8

I've also managed to keep moving forward with song writing. "Don't Touch That Dial" is a recent song, I've been unable to get into the studio to record a nice fat version of it. But maybe that opportunity will present itself at some point.

There's also plenty of music happening in the live videos too.

"Praise the Lord. Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever" (Psalm 106:1).

Summer 2022

Back in 1981 the album “Saints Alive” was released, a recording that made an immediate impact and continues to do so.

The 10 tracks were the basis of a musical by Roger Jones. Many live performances of the musical have ensued since then. The narrative speaks of Christ’s disciples - ordinary men who were filled with power on the day of Pentecost.

I had the privilege of playing guitar on the album, along with some excellent musicians.

Saints Alive has now been revised, and had an extra track added. The updated version will be released soon. The day of Pentecost this year is June 5th and that week there will be a launch of the new recording.

Roger has kindly asked me to play guitar at the launch, I’m unable to do so, but I do love the message of the album. The power of the Holy Spirit enables us to move forward in strength.
“You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8).

I've been doing live videos Sundays and Wednesdays on Living Stones - church on the internet - facebook group. Please feel free to join.

I've done a series of videos called "Aspects of Abraham" - Teaching on the life and times of Abraham. They are on YouTube here Aspects of Abraham

I'm not touring at the moment. I've had a number requests to do live work, but I've not done any yet.

Spring 2022

I came across this promotional flyer for the Chapel Lane record company from around 1997. Rob Ash's fine album Blue Steel is on there. Plus Soothing Saul and some Olly albums.

Chapel Lane had their own first class studio which was used by some excellent musicians.

The sad news I heard last week is that proprietor of Chapel Lane, Rob Andrews, died.

Rob was unique, he was humble and immediately made you feel at ease in his presence. He was a man with vision, a hard working man who quietly got on with the work he had been given.

So many people were encouraged and blessed by Rob's work without ever realising who Rob was. His vision to release music that glorified Christ into the world was realised by many artists and bands who recorded for Chapel Lane. Larry Norman, worked with Rob. Also Bryn Haworth, Shelia Walsh, Alwyn Wall and many others who became familiar names.

When I recorded there Rob never put time restrictions on my time in the studio. Artist Rob Ash, who recorded and engineered there said, Chapel Lane was "My favourite place to record, great memories of some great people".

Rob Andrews' work reached out across the world and still does because music recorded there is now on Spotify and other music platforms.

Rob Andrews was inspirational his work reached out and touched people around the world. Rob followed the course that God had planned for him.

We all have work to do and an allotted time in which to accomplish what God has sent us to do. For the time comes when we can not work: Rob followed in the footsteps of Jesus who said, "As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work." (John 9:4).

Rob Andrews is an inspiration to us.

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6 Church of God - Bandstand Cannock (Cancelled due to coronavirus)

14 Living Springs, Cannock (Cancelled due to coronavirus)

21 Velmore Centre, Chandlers Ford (Cancelled due to coronavirus)

24 "Epic" Huddersfield Elim Boat Cruise (Cancelled due to coronavirus)

27 Derby (Cancelled due to coronavirus)


11 Ipswich Park Festival (Cancelled due to coronavirus)

Events not cancelled:

Live Video - Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays - 9:00am "the Living Stones - Church on the internet" facebook group.

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May 2009              

2 Horncastle, Lincs.

9 Palladium Club, Bideford, Devon

10 Bagley Baptist (10:00am)

10 Caldicot Elim (4:00pm)


7 Tamworth

15 Sedgley

21 RoseStock, (Cancelled)

27 The Wendover, High Wycombe



8 Durham Cathedral

16 Power Explosion London

17 Power Explosion London

22 Faircreek Church, Fairborn, Ohio

23 Artworks Art Gallery, Wheeling, West Virgina

24 Englewood ECA Ohio

25 Christ United Church, Richmond Indiana

26 Christ United Church, Richmond Indiana

27 First Baptist Church, Janesville Wisconsin.

28 The Nite Life Cafe, Berwyn, Illinois

29 The Overflowing Cup, Beloit, Wisconsin.

30 Reggies Music Joint, Chicago

31 Jesus Coffeehouse, Bloomington, Illinois


1 Life Church of Chicago 2PM, Palos Heights.

2 Zionsville UMC 9:00am

2 Zionsville UMC 11:00am

2 Zionsville UMC 6:00pm

7 London

28 The Fingerpost, Pelsall, Walsall


6 Eastleigh

19 South Chard Church

25 Bishop Auckland


23 King Billy, Cottingham

24 Manna Cafe, Cottingham

28 Brierley Hill

29 Costa Cafe, Stafford.


1 The Whole Hog. New Life, Scunthorpe

19 Bradford Uni

21 Old Nick's Tavern, Horncastle

22 Marsh Lane AOG, West Bromwich


3 Dreggs Cafe

4 Palladium Club, Bideford, Devon

5 Velmore Chapel, Chandlers Ford

6 Hooe Baptist Church, Venue (School Hall opposite)

6 Northolt Grange Baptist Church, Middlesex. (PM)

11 Bucknall Pentecostal Church, Stoke

12 Purple Sheep Centre, Weston Super Mare

13 Bagley Baptist Church (AM)

13 Caldicot Celebration (PM)

17 Darlington

18 Crook Community Centre

19 Bedwell Community Centre, Stevenage

20 Bedwell Community Centre, Stevenage (AM)

20 Progress House, Telford.

24 Lakeheath, Abundant Life

31 St Michael Le Belfrey



19 G's Bar & Diner, Birmingham


14 RCC, Rugeley

30 Redemption Place, Manchester


5 Brierly Hill

9 Redditch AOG AM

9 Redditch AOG PM


13 Launceston AOG

22 Sheridan Suite, Manchester

23 Sheridan Suite, Manchester

24 Costa Coffee, Stafford

25 G's Bar & Diner, Birmingham

26 Brasenose Arms, Cropredy, Oxfordshire


10 The Public, West Bromwich

24 Horncastle

25 BCF Boston

25 The Lighthouse, Spalding


13 Darlington

21 Summer Madness, Alfreton


5 Milton Keynes


3 Chandlers Ford, Velmore Chapel

10 New Springs, Loughborough


19 Kingsmead College, Hednesford


5 Ramridge, Luton (am)

5 Kings Heath, Birmingham

11 Middleton St George

12 William Grey Suit, Hartlepool

18 Springs CF, Ware

19 True Vine, Luton (AM)

19 Progress House, Telford (PM)

24 Lakenheath



29 Regents Theological College

30 Cradley


12 The Coton Centre, Tamworth

19 Old Nick's Tavern, Horncastle, Lincs


5 Chester, Queen St, CC

6 Chester, Queen St CC

12 Bromsgrove (Eternal Radio concert)

19 Bagley, Somerset

20 Bagley, Somerset


14 Plough & Harrow, Tammworth

17 Music Festival DCF Salop St, 3:00pm


16 West Bromwich


6 Chase Outdoor Bash, Cannock Chase

20 Bentworth Blues Festival

American Tour August 24 to Sept 12

August (USA)

26 King's Academy, Tennessee

27 EMPC Knoxville, TN

28 H.O.P. Knoxville

28 EMPC Pavillion, Tennessee


1 Courtney's Nashville

2 Mount Juliet, Tennessee

3 Nashville Rescue Mission

4 New Hope Alabama

6 Der Dutchman, Plain City, Ohio (TBC)

7 Thirsty Whale, Huntington WV

8 Zionsville Fellowship, IN

9 Carmel, Indianapolis

10 NightSky, Troy, Ohio

11 Richmond IN (Cancelled)

September (UK)

15 The Ringside, Hull

16 Manna, Cottingham

17 Boston Lincs

25 Wednesfield

30 Lantern Arts Centre, London


1 Eternal Radio Gig, Birmingham

14 Berkley UC


3 Shoulder Of Mutton, Staffordshire

9 Loughborough University

10 Lichfield

20 Chandlers Ford

27 Skipton, Yorkshire


3 West Bromwich

4 Luton

7 Halifax

9 Bucknall Stoke

10 Highway Stratford London

11 London (AM)

11 Lighthouse, Spalding (PM)

15 Marina Hartlepool

17 Goldthorpe Community Church

18 Progress House, Telford



10 Ripley's Staffordshire

15 Kings Heath, Birmingham

18 Crown, Lichfield

21 Horncastle, Lincs, Old Nicks

31 Rugeley


3 Ignite Birmingham

17 Maidstone

18 Hill Top, West Bromwich (Bethesda)

24 Bagley, Somerset

25 Bagley, Somerset

31 Chester


14 Pot Black Club, Rugeley

27 Pathfinder Manchester


2 Brierley Hill

3 Cannock

9 Alrewas

16 Burton-On-Trent

17 Hendnesford

24 Dumfermline

25 Blairgowrie


5 Birmingham UK

23 Stafford

30 Halifax 'The Cattery'


14 Rugeley

P&I Pinoso


4 - 11 SHBC Hampshire

17 City Tavern, Birmingham UK

22 Birmingham Alabama

24 King's Academy, Tennessee

25 Pigeon Forge TN

26 Knoxville TN

27 Bloomington Illinois

28 Janesville Wisconsin

29 TV Chat-Show USA

29 Juda Wisconsin

30 Beloit Wisconsin

31 Carmel Indiana


1 Farmers Market Indianapollis

1 Nashville Rescue Mission

2 Clarksville TN

3 Smokey Mountain Radio Concert

8 Cannock Chase (Afternoon)


7 Velmore Centre, Chandlers Ford

17 Brierly Hill


8 Heath Hayes

22 St Peter's Hall, Greets Green

23 Bloxwich AOG

23 Progress House, Telford



23 Alrewas, Staffs


3 Sunday Night Live, Portsmouth

6 Crown, Burton on Trent


4 Pot Black Club, Staffs.

7 (AM) Lakenheath, Abundant Life

7 (PM) Sunday Night Live, Costa, Bury St Edmunds.

11 Colton, Staffs


1 Brierley Hill


1 Pot Black Club, Rugeley (Band)

2 Bloxwich Community Church

9 Velmore Centre, Chandlers Ford


6 Chelsea Inn, Easton, Bristol

7 Willenhall WCF

7 Brierley Hill, Albion St, AOG (PM)

12 Foodies Festival


3 KingsStock Festival Cambridgeshire

4 Arbury Rd Baptist, Cambridge, (AM)

4 Bloxwich Community Church


1 Sunday Night Live, Oadby, Leicestershire

7 Pot Black Club, Rugeley (Cancelled: Venue has closed down. Shame, the Paul Poulton Project had some nice gigs there.)

14 Coffee Concert, Stafford

18 Camelford, Souls Harbour

22 Willenhall, Church in the Park


2 Brierley Hill

6 Hornsea, East Yorkshire


17 Willenhall, Church in the Park


1 Kitchen Garden, Kings Heath, Birmingham. (With the excellent band, Dissident Prophet)

4 Arts For Health, Stafford

7 Springs CF, Ware, Hertfordshire

8 The Gateway Centre, Harlow

13 The King's Church, Boston Spa

14 Martin House Hospice for Children and Young People, Boston Spa (AM)

14 Sowerby Bridge, Elim

15 Heritage Church, Preston

15 Culcheth Christian Fellowship (PM)



12 Sunday Night Live, Shipley


23 Willenhall, West Mids


1 The White Horse, Clitheroe. (TBC)

28 The Avenue, Leigh


13 (AM) AOG Church Macclesfield

13 (PM) Costa - Yate (Nr Bristol)

20 London


4 Church in the Park - Willenhall

18 Velmore Church, Chandler's Ford

24 Coventry (Private Function)


1 Cambridge

21 10AM Music Seminar/Workshop Cossington Village Hall, Somerset (AM)

21 (PM) Concert in Cossington Village Hall, Somerset

22 (AM) Bagley Baptist Church

22 (PM) Street Somerset


4 The Avenue, Leigh

5 Change the Rhythm Music Festival. Herts.

6 Hope Church, West Bromwich

20 Sunday Night Live, Sheffield


20 Spanish Tour

21 Venus: Chill n Grill Los Almagros

22 Open Door, Los Almagros

24 Open Door, Los Almagros

28 Chehegin

30 Pinoso

31 (AM) Wellspring Victory Church, Puerto de Mazarron

31 (PM) Open Door


Spanish Tour finishes on 2nd

14 Highway Of Holiness, London


28 King's Head, Lichfield


7 Sunday Night Live Portsmouth

13 Rushden Full Gospel Church

14 Highway Of Holiness London

16 Hednesford Pentecostal Church



30 New Life Church, Crewe


8 Velmore Centre, Chandler's Ford


25 Cottingham Methodist Church

26 Cottingham Methodist Church

29 Swan With Two Necks, Longdon


6 Brierley Hill

9 St Philip Church, West Bromwich

19 Caf del Nino, Cannock

29 Goodnews Assembly, Edinburgh EH8 9RR (Postponed)

30 Cornerstone Christian Centre, Evenwood

31 (AM) Central Elim Pentecostal Church, Sheffield

31 (PM) Bloxwich Community Church, Walsall


18 Cannock Music Festival

25 Hammerwich Garden Fete


5 Hammerwich Hall

8 Himley Hall Charity Event.


Spanish dates including:

30 Torrvieja Christian Fellowship

6 Pinoso Christian Fellowship


7 St Giles, Lichfield

10 Velmore Centre, Chandler's Ford

11 Velmore Centre, Chandler's Ford

17 Canolfan Community Hall, Denbighshire

28 Brierley Hill


6 Living Springs Community Church, Cannock

11 The White Church, Warmsworth

12 Church on the Corner, Sheffield

13 Oldham Church of the Nazarene

17 The King's Head, Huddersfield

18 Shipley Baptist Church

19 Cornerstone Christian Centre, Evenwood

20 New Life, Thornton, Bradford



6 Rushden Salvation Army


4 Brieley Hill, Evergreen's Albion St

8 Velmore Centre, Chandler's Ford

20 Motherwell Elim

21 Coatbridge Elim

22 (AM) Motherwell Elim

25 Brereton, Briar Hill


7 Bloxwich Community Church

10 Queen's 90th Event, St Giles Hospice, Whittington


12 Bloxwich Community Church


9 Bloxwich Community Church


6 Bloxwich Community Church


7 Moxhull Hall


1 Stokes St, Walsall (BCC)

16 Brierley Hill, Evergreens, Albion St

23 Cornerstone Christian Centre Evenwood, Bishop Aukland

29 Stokes St, Walsall (BCC)



11 (AM) Bloxwich Community Church

11 (PM) Oldham "Church of the Nazarene"

12th to 18th Spanish Tour

13 Condado - Christian Centre

14 Retro, El Pareton

16 Camposol C

17 Spaniard Inn, Hacienda, Fuente Alamo

18 Mazarron - Well Spring Victory Church



31 Bloxwich Community Church


19 Velmore Centre, Chandlers Ford


7 Bloxwich Community Church

27 Rugeley Regnal

29 Gathering Grounds Coffee Shop, Mosaic Church Darlington (Lunch Time)

29 Cornerstone Christian Centre, Evenwood


15 Ipswich Full Gospel Church (Cancelled)

16 Ipswich Full Gospel Church (Cancelled)

23 Oasis Church, Telford


3 Evergreens Brierley Hill

17 Oasis Centre, Huddersfield, (11:00 am)


4 BCC, Stokes Street, Walsall

6 BCC, Stokes Street, Walsall

21 Swan With Two Necks, Longdon

24 Parish Church of St Augustine, Hedon, Hull

25 Central Elim church, Sheffield


1 Rising Brook Green Picnic

6 PG's Suffolk

18 Bloxwich

19 Breath Stafford

20 Live Lounge, Rugeley


13 Kingsway Church, Birmingham

29 BCC Walsall


17 Velmore Centre, Chandlers Ford

24 The White Hart, Boxford

26 BCC Walsall


8 Stokes St, Walsall

11 Evenwood

19 Live Lounge, Rugeley

22 Kingsway, Pheasey

31 BCC Walsall


1 St George's, Stafford

2 Live Lounge, Rugeley

11 Elim Church, Victoria St, West Bromwich

12 Divine Community Church, Dudley

22 EverGreens, Brierley Hill

28 BCC Walsall


3 The White Hart, Suffolk,

8 Lichfield Catherdral School

9 St Leonard's Tipton

10 Kingsway, Pheasey

17 Cafe Grande, Dudley



9 BCC Walsall

14 BCC Walsall

21 Love Stafford RBBC (As part of the programme.)

31 Breath Stafford

Get In The Spirit (Single)


11 Kingsway, Birmingham

14 Breath


8 Live Lounge, Rugeley


1 OM - Sunday Session, Leighton Buzzard

2 The Moores, St Austell

3 The Garland Ox, Bodmin

15 Beacon Church (Rear Hall)


2 Evergreens, Brierley Hill

3 Live Lounge, Rugeley

13 Living Springs, Cannock

20 Beacon Church (Rear Hall) Birmingham


2 St Margaret's Church, Carsington

2 Imperial Rooms, Matlock

20 Longdon

22 The Old Courthouse, Cheltenham (Postponed)


1 Lving Springs Cafe Church (Leading Worship)

4 Longdon Club

14 St Giles Hospice Summer Fayre, Whittington

15 Cafe Church Cannock

29 Living Springs (Postponed to 5th Aug)


5 Living Springs

11 Wharf Station, Wales

26 Kingsway Church, Birmingham


6 St Jo's Rugeley

14 Bilston Baptist Healing Service

23 Winyates Green Community Centre

30 Kingsway Church, Birmingham


4 Live Lounge Rugeley Staffordshire

6 Stowlawn Methodist Church Bilston

10 Longdon Club and Institute

14 Cafe Church Cannock

18 Gospel Hall, The Green, Rawcliffe

19 Girton Road Church, Cannock


14 Longdon Club and Institute

18 Living Springs, Cannock

25 Emmanuel New Life Church, Burntwood 5:00pm


1 Dudley Town Hall

7 Bilston Baptist (Healing Meeting)

16 Winyates Green Community Centre

22 Lunchtime Event - Burntwood

23 Emmanuel New Life Church, Burntwood 5:00pm

24 Brades Tavern, Oldbury



13 Avon Business and Leisure Centre, Morning Celebration

30 Huddersfield Elim (Lunch Time Gig)

30 Acoustic Nights @ The Barn Leeds


1 St Peter's Church, Warmsworth Rd, Doncaster

3 Live @ Costa Bradford

4 Music Workshop, Heath Hayes

10 Avon Business and Leisure Centre, Morning Celebration

22 Gospel Music Evening, Rawcliffe, East Yorkshire

24 Liberty Church Norwich

25 FGB Mercure Norwich Hotel

26 Methodist Church, Ipswich


1 Stoke Prior S&S club (TBC)

4 Music Workshop, Heath Hayes

9 Birmingham, Emerald Club

20 Longdon Hall

24 Bethany Community Church, Coppenhall, Crewe

31 Kingsway, Pheasey, Birmingham (AM)


14 Living Springs Cannock (Morning Celebration)

21 Living Springs Cannock (Morning Celebration)

21 Emmanuel New Life Church, Burntwood

28 Emmanuel New Life Church, Burntwood


3 St Finbarrs Sports Club, Coventry

5 Emmanuel New Life Church, Burntwood

12 Avon Business and Leisure Centre, Morning Celebration

19 Kingsway, Pheasey, Birmingham (AM)

19 Emmanuel New Life Church, Burntwood (PM)

24 Fife Street Club, Nuneaton

25 Prince of Wales, Rugby

26 Emmanuel New Life Church, Burntwood


2 New Life Church, Burntwood

8 The Call - Chase Terrace

9 New Life Church

12 Living Springs Cannock

15 Mawgan Festival, Cornwall

29 Burntwood Festival

30 New Life Church


7 Avondale Morning Celebration Cannock

7 Burntwood New Life (PM)

14 Kingsway, Pheasey, Birmingham (AM)

14 Burntwood New Life (PM)

21 Avondale Morning Celebration Cannock

21 Burntwood New Life (PM)

28 Burntwood New Life


3 Himley Hall at Himley Park (Event cancelled)

4 Himley Hall at Himley Park (Event cancelled)

4 Bethany Baptist Church, Chadsmoor

11 Living Springs Elim Staffordshire (AM)

11 New Life Burrntwood (PM)

18 Kingsway, Pheasey, Birmingham (AM)

18 Emmanuel - New Life, Burntwood (PM)

25 Emmanuel - New Life, Burntwood (PM)

26 Cross Keys, Penkridge

31 West Bromwich (Outdoor Market Event)



1 Cafe Church, Cannock (AM)

1 New Life Burrntwood (PM)

7 Wolverhampton, St Chad's (Invitation Only)

8 Kingsway, Pheasey, Birmingham

14 Occasions Tea Room, Leicester (Rescheduled for 2020)

15 Emmanuel, Chase, Terrace

22 Velmore Church Centre, Chandlers Ford

24 Museum Street Methodist Church, Ipswich

29 New Life Burrntwood


6 Living Springs Church, Cannock (AM)

6 New Life Burntwood (PM)

12 Cornerstone Christian Centre, Co Durham

13 Cornerstone Christian Centre, Co Durham

20 Burntwood Emmanuel New Life

27 Sheffield Central Elim (AM)

31 Praise Party @ New Life Burntwood


3 (5:00pm) Emmanuel New Life Burntwood

10 Living Springs, Cannock

17 New Life Burntwood

21 Abraham Seminar/Study Chase Terrace

24 New Life Burntwood

30 Mini Zoo Emmanuel New Life Burntwood Staffs


8 Bethany Baptist, Cannock (AM)

11 Hammerwich

15 Kingsway, Pheasey, Birmingham (AM)

15 Burntwood Emmanuel New Life (PM)

17 Hednesford Pentecostal Church

22 Lakenheath Abundant Life Church (AM)

22 Biggleswade (PM)

24 Leicester

29 Living Springs, Cannock (AM)

29 Burntwood Emmanuel New Life (PM)



1 Burntwood Emmanuel New Life

12 Living Springs, Cannock

19 Burntwood Emmanuel New Life

23 Abraham Seminar/Study Burntwood NL


6 Abraham Seminar/Study Burntwood NL

9 Living Springs, Cannock (AM)

9 Emmanuel New Life, Burntwood (PM)

16 Bethany Baptist, Cannock (AM)

16 Emmanuel New Life, Burntwood (PM)

20 Abraham Seminar/Study Burntwood NL

23 Kingsway, Birmingham

23 Emmanuel New Life, Burntwood (PM)


1 The King's Church, Boston Spa

8 Living Springs, Cannock

22 Occasions Tea Room, Syston, Leicester (Cancelled due to coronavirus)


8 Hammerwich Club (Cancelled due to coronavirus)

12 Living Springs, Cannock (Cancelled due to coronavirus)

26 Kingsway, Birmingham (Cancelled due to coronavirus)


2 St Giles' Summer Fayre (Cancelled due to coronavirus)

10 Living Springs, Cannock (Cancelled due to coronavirus)

Latest Album

Heaven by Paul Poulton Project

"Paul rarely disappoints with his releases and this is another musical success."

Poetic Justice

Poetic Justice

Poetic justice takes its place in life. We reap what we sow in one way or the other.

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Ivan - YHWH is Gracious

Ivan - YHWH is Gracious

Unlikely friends are sometimes the most interesting.

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Have You Got The Blues

Have You Got The Blues

The Monday morning blues are not exclusive to our generation. I wonder if adrenalin fatigue was a factor in the life of an enslaved person working on a plantation back in the 1700s?

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Move Your Body Man

Move Your Body Man

We all face difficulties, trails and tribulations but each one will make us stronger.

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Elements of Energy

Elements of Energy

What a load of rubbish! True, but what shall we do with it?

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Battle of the Buttons

Battle of the Buttons

"My dad's bigger than your dad" approach certainly informs us that we are in a new age in the way some world leaders communicate.

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Genesis for Ordinary People

The book of Genesis continues to stand strong. "Tell us what the former things were, so that we may consider them" (Isaiah 41:22). The intriguing book of Genesis is examined and details of the gripping narrative are uncovered.

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Exodus for Ordinary People

The book of Exodus is sometimes viewed with scepticism—but need not be.

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God and Primordial People

The modern world is in a position to view the divine sculptor’s work as no other generation has. Throughout previous generations many people believed that God created life, but preceding generations were not privy to the method and manner in which he worked—his modus operandi. We are now in that position, thanks to the fine work of archaeologists, geologists, paleontologists, and scientists, some of whom have faith in God: the Big Bang Theory itself was first proposed by a Christian priest, who was also a scientist.

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Fishing for Praise

Praise is a hidden doorway in the world that enables us to see things outside of the universe. But it's a doorway that is easily missed; people walk past it, thinking nothing of it, not realizing the value of it. But God has placed it there for us to walk through and see where he lives.

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All Paul Poulton albums and singles              
can be heard on Spotify, Amazon, youtube etc. and elsewhere.
Solo songs are named as Paul Poulton               
and band songs under the name of               
Paul Poulton Project. 

I Think I'm Being Followed (1989 Big Feet Music/Temporary Music)               
Fallen People on a Fallen Planet (1990 Chapel Lane)               
Fallen People on a Fallen Planet (1992 Word Records)               
Fallen People on a Fallen Planet (Euro Mix) (1993 Chapel Lane)               
Body And Soul (1995 Chapel Lane)               
Soothing Saul (1996 Chapel Lane)               
Little Boy EP (1998 Chapel Lane)               
Flaky (1998 Temporary Music)               
Angel (2001 Temporary Music)               
Affected (2005 Temporary Music)               
Grooves 4 Scrooge (2008 Temporary Music)               
Dumb Dogs (2008 Temporary Music)               
Looking For Someone To Blame (2009 Temporary Music)               
Too Twitchy (2010 Temporary Music)               
Some People Believe Anything (2011 Temporary Music)               
Words (2013 Temporary Music)               
Heaven (2018 Temporary Music)               
"Too Many Things To Worry About" (2008 Temporary Music)               
"Wade in the Water" (2012 Temporary Music)               
"Get in the Spirit" (2012 Temporary Music)               
"Revelator (The Apostle John)" (2014 Temporary Music)               
"Stronger" (2014 Temporary Music)               
"Mistakes I've Made (Acoustic)" (2015 Temporary Music)               
"Distracted" (2016 Temporary Music)               
"Worker" (2018 Temporary Music)

The Return

Reviewed in NFN by Noel Donaldson

Heaven - Paul Poulton Project with Jeannie

"Album Of The Month" 'Never for Nothing' review by Geoff Howlett.

Heaven - Paul Poulton Project with Jeannie

Phantom Toolbooth Review by Derek Walker


Robin Thompson review in "Never for Nothing."


Words has had a couple of reviews on Phantom Tollbooth and in the Church of England Newspaper.

Some People Believe Anything

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Too Twitchy

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