Fishing for Praise

Praise is a hidden doorway in the world that enables us to see things outside of the universe. But it's a doorway that is easily missed; people walk past it, thinking nothing of it, not realizing the value of it. But God has placed it there for us to walk through and see where he lives.

"Best known for his music and with nine CDs to his credit, this is Paul Poulton's first book. It is written in simple, clear language and is littered with a whole range of illustrations aimed to link everyday life to our need and responsibility to praise God. Paul clearly has a 'heart' for the subject. . . . Anyone who has heard Paul's music will know that as well as being an excellent guitarist with a brilliant band that can really groove, his uniqueness comes from a gift for cleverly constructed, thought provoking lyrics that really hit the spot (if you haven't sampled Paul in action, I would definitely recommend a visit to The book reflects this gift for the short, sharp message".
--Christian Bookshop Review