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Commentary for the songs on 'Some People Believe Anything'. (Lyrics below the song commentary.) Commentary and lyrics for 'Too Twitchy' further below.

So, here's our man, let's call him Marmaduke. He starts his journey, what is he to believe? What is truth? Well, let's start with what not to believe or who not to believe. "Anything" gives him advice, it arms him. He needs to be wise like a serpent and humble and harmless as a dove. It tells him to watch out for mirages, things are not always what they appear, people are not always what they seem. It is some people's job to sell and some sales people do an honest job of work and provide Marmaduke with a valuable service, but there are other salesmen who are less scrupulous and may defraud him as he walks through life. It's also true we need a little spiritual guidance, Duke needs to make sure he gets it from genuine men of God. Some men love to accuse, it's true that some men have to accuse, such a trial judges or witnesses to a crime, but they may do it reluctantly, Duke needs to watch out for those who 'love' accusing. Accusing others makes themselves look righteous. Also Accuser is the name of someone else who crops up later in this journey. This song finishes by telling our friend to protect his heart, it's the well spring of life.

"Bad Things People Do"
Man is born to trouble; some people will do bad things to Marmaduke. You need to get use to it Duke baby. But also get use to forgiving too.

"Crying Out Loud"
98 percent of the time it's best to overlook, best to show mercy, best to give way to that driver who is trying to push in just in front of you. But every now and again it's right and fitting to cry out and pursue justice. People think the day of judgement will be a day of dread for all the earth, that's not what the Psalms tell us. It's a day when oppressors will be paid back, a day when those who think they've got away with crime without doing the time will be brought to justice, things that were stolen will be given back. That's how those who wrote the ancient Psalms looked on Judgement Day, it was a day to look forward to, a day to rejoice in. It sometimes falls to good men and women to help those who are victims of injustice, they are working with judgement day on their side.

"Don't Break Up"
Marmaduke has a couple of friends who used to be in love but have been struggling for sometime; teetering on the brink. They genuinely used to have something special, even other people used to love to gaze on. But the weeds in their relationship have gone unchecked and what used to be a lovely rose-garden is now a wilderness. But there's still a chance that they will knuckle down and get to work and rescue what used to be a wonderful spectacle so that it will be restored and even pass its former glory.

"Saw The Devil"
Like Dante before him Marmaduke stumbles on the entrance to hell. But realises he's still on earth, he looks around and sees hell on earth. It's dark, he feels the darkness, and wonders if some people are intrinsically linked to Hades. Do their deeds betray them? A guide named Virgil, appears to show him what's happening behind the scenes of this physical universe. He sees the innocent hurt by cruelty, those who use violence are trapped in the seventh circle. He sees the banks of the river Styx, abusers of children are trapped on the other side, their souls being eaten away and they don't even know it. They are like those caterpillars in whom a wasp lays its eggs, the caterpillar is chewing away on the one end not realising it's being eaten away at the other. He get's a glimps of Tartarus, mentioned by Peter in the NT and also in Greek stories. He hears the descending circles, they start with limbo on the tonic chord and descend right down to the ninth and most dreadful circle on the diminished triad, which uses the flattened fifth interval, known in the middle ages as the devil's interval. For it is he, as ugly as he once was beautiful, along with Brutus, Judas, and Cassius who is trapped there. This is a dark time for Marmaduke.

"Sons Of Anak"
Marmaduke's guide takes him on an epic tour of early human history, through Greek mythology, the ancient book of Enoch and Genesis. What happened in those early years of humankind, some sort of corruption was trying to infiltrate the human race, it took a while to eradicate it. A lesson for all of our lives.

"Here In Heaven"
Finally Marmaduke's guide brings him to a new shore, out of the darkness and into the light. It's marvellous, he can hardly move from delight and peace, it washes over him in great swathes. It makes the grim darkness of the past two lessons not worthy to be compared with what he now sees and feels. He realises there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Suddenly he's back in the place where men are scheming, it's a wrenching contrast to the place he's just left. Here, back in the world men live in we have to take care where we tread, there are pot-holes, traps set to catch the unwary and unwatchful. The soul can easily be snared. Here Marmy sees one particular perforation in the landscape that had begun to proliferate and some people have begun to fall into them. It becomes a trap for some that they can't break out of, but a dependency without the need for drugs because the chemical reaction happens in the person's own brain. Outside stimuli creates the right rush of pheromones, hormones and endorphins to slowly create an addiction in the unsuspecting thrill seeker. There is a way forward, Marmaduke learns what is needed to combat the drawing power, break free and climb out.

"The Image"
Duke's guide Virgil bids him farewell and a new guide named Dan appears. Dan begins to show him how world history is tied together and what is to be. But not with a blow by blow account so that he may know days and hours when things will happen but enough to know that all he needs to do is trust. A king is with us and his dominion will continue to grow.

"Reader's Digest"
Marmy picks up a magazine and flicks through it, it gives him some insight into recent history. Leaders both popular and governmental continue to come and go. Kennedy shot, Martin Luther King also shot, now a fallen King yet he was an ordinary man like us, he made a stand, he still stands tall in the history of the world.

"Touch Me"
Marmaduke begins to see through the facade of this world and cries out for reality, for a real relationship.

"Cover Me"
Realising that all men are grass, that all humans stumble their way along this path, he again cries out for other travellers to help and support him and he will help and support them too. When they fall someone can be there to help them onto their feet again. Pity the poor sojourner who travels alone. Something reaches into his heart, is it the music? It puts a spring in his step, he's making his way forward to the shore he once saw. He's beginning to understand the way things are and what truth is.

Duke meets the couple again and a raw rendition of an earlier song appeals to them once more. Take the chance while it is available.

Lyrics for 'Some People Believe Anything' ('Too Twitchy' lyrics below)

Some men will befriend you

They want you to score

Telesales people ring you

Hawkers knock your door

The late night TV quiz host

Gets into your home

A thousand pounds awaits

If you will only phone

Scam artists and hustlers

Charlatans and cheats

Masqueraders and pretenders

Exist on these streets

Keep your wits about you

be on the alert

don't be fooled by dealers

who'll steal your coat and shirt

A little flattery can pull many a string

Some people believe anything

Food companies

sell us processed meat

Health and safety experts

tell us what to eat

Look out for sales talk

Don't buy what you don't need

They tell you it's necessity

When it is really greed

Unaware of the song they sing

Some people believe anything

Watch out for the self-righteous

Who love to accuse

Resounding gongs

Shouting their views

Pride in the pulpit

Hatred in the pews

Forcing the scriptures

into any shape they choose

Look out for enthusiast

Who try to reel you in

They're on a flight of fancy

Serving gods of tin

Simoniac preachers

Talking slick and looking flash

They want you to buy a miracle

They'll sell you prayers for cash

Enchanted, a sacrifice they bring

Some people believe anything

Do what your consciences tells you

listen to your own mind

Don't bow to peer pressure

If your peers are blind

They tell us we're machines

A biochemical piston rod

Some don't believe in spirit

Some don't believe in God

The wonders of creation

Dismissed in one fell swoop

Materialistic machines

Who can't escape the loop

Keep looking for the right path

Seek and you will find

Protect your heart

Put a fence around your heart.

"Bad Things People Do"

Some people will worm their way into your day

They seem friendly and you believe everything they say

And when you turn, they'll fill their pocket

Then they'll take off like a space rocket

Some flatter and tell you they've always been your fan

You don't know that it's all part of their game plan

They'll hurt you and talk behind your back

They'll walk away and leave you on the rack

(Sometimes) Good people do things they're reluctant to mention

Even though they did it without intention

Others are in constant fear of being caught

Because they did it with malice aforethought.

Some will tell a lie to get out them selves out of a scrape

Others are more evil they hurt and maim and rape

They show no quarter to their victims groan

In return no mercy will be shown

"Crying Out Loud"

Most of the time I try to keep myself circumspect

Most of the time I try to treat others with respect

It's only right, to keep out of a fight, as much as depends on you.

Most of the time I try to keep myself in check

Most of the time I try not to grab people round the neck

It's only fair not to insult or swear, especially to those you love

To live in that zone where we try not to moan

If you see me one of these years

It may be at a time when I'm brought to tears

I try not to be loud or proud

But you may see me crying out loud

Most of the time I try to have grace and forgive

Most of the time I overlook what someone did

But there comes a stage when the righteous will rage

Under the sun let justice be done

If you gather around you'll see me crying out loud.

Most of the time I try not to use my strength or clout

Most of the time I do my best not to shout

But there comes a day when oppressors must pay

There are means and ways to get freedom for slaves

They will be running because we've also got cunning

(Spare Verse)

Most of the time I try to help other people out

Most of the time I tell them to give me a shout

It might be funny to give away some of your money

If you're my brother shouldn't we help one another

Show some concern and it will return

"Don't Break Up"

You used to kiss her fingers, and treat her like she's a queen

Her perfume would linger, like a garden of Jasmine

Lying down in long grass looking at the sky

Rolling over together and look eye to eye

You used to have affection, a candlelit dinner for two

You had a connection people used to envy you

Walking round the town together, hand in hand

Window shopping talking of what you had planned

So why now so many tears?

What's happened in the intervening years?

Loosen up you can still make it

There's a chance if you will take it

So don't break up,

So don't break up, (it's too sad)

The lazy days of summer at holiday resorts

You had no pride, no secrets, sharing innermost thoughts

You'd dress to please each other, you'd look so nice

You'd serve each other with self sacrifice

Now hurtful words, an angry exchange

Used like weapons at close range

Loosen up you can still make it

There's a way if you will take it

So don't break up

So don't break up

"Saw The Devil"

He said it wasn't in the darkness or even in twilight

That some youths got a hold of his friend

They didn't seem to care there were people watching

But they escaped before the police got there.

They slapped him round, kicked his shin

On the basis of the colour of his skin

There were cruel They were pernicious

What was their reason to be so vicious

He looked at me and with no hint of a smirk

Said, "I think I saw the devil at work".

She had moved to London town

An innocent girl, clean as a surgical gown

She told her friends she was pleased as pie

Because she'd met a really nice guy

He said he's going to lift her higher

She didn't know that's he's a supplier

He was assured and looked so calm

Placing drugs into her palm

She always though he was on the level

She didn't know she'd just met the Devil

Somewhere down in the seventh circle

There's a plan being hatched for you,

Take care or down the slippery slope you'll hurtle

And freedom will slowly slip from view

Retired widow by the name of Rita

Never thought anybody would cheat her

She met a gentleman who had class and charm

Nobody thought to raise the alarm

He'd buy her little gifts he'd call her honey

It was simple, he wanted her money

He was motivated by greed

She signed over the title deed

Then he was gone, she fell for the con

Now Rita believes she was robbed by Apollyon

He said to the camera "this world is wild,

so parents protect your child"

He took his girl to the park one day

Didn't know there was a fiend looking for prey

They took his precious treasure

Now his pain knows no measure

On the banks of the Styx they can't afford the toll

They're fodder for Diablo who feeds on their soul

Like a bear will kill a rival's cub

He feels the darkness of Beelzebub

Eastern girl embarking on life

Hoping to be a good man's wife

Not much time since her mother gave birth

She hasn't be long on planet earth

But now she's subject to indignity

Sold as a slave in the sex industry

If she misbehaves she gets slapped

She wanted adventure but now she's trapped

She headed west from her home in the east

Not realising she'd meet the Beast

"Sons Of Anak"

In the days of Jared, when the watchers walked upon the land

Two hundred strong on mount Hermon, their intentions were being planned.

And they looked at the women

And they lusted for the daughters of the humans that the angels should have been watching

In the days of Enoch the sons of God sealed their fate

And Tartarus was prepared for those who left their first estate

And they taught men to make war

And they showed men how to make weapons from the metals that are hidden in the earth

And the women that they chose

Each one gave birth to a giant

The Nephilim struck fear into their foes

And every day remained defiant

In the days of Homer he put his pen to the scroll

And told us the stories of the warriors of old

Ulysses outwitted Cyclops

Hermes fought the giants, who were angry that the Titans had been sent to Tartarus.

In the days of Noah the earth was cleansed and bathed

While Noah's family and animals remained unscathed

And the waters, killed the giants

And the earth was reprieved, but afterwards, a few still remained

The Israelites spied out the ground

They saw the men who were renowned

And they lost the will to fight

looked like grasshoppers in their sight

In the days of David the sons of Anak was their name

The Israelites assembled to dislodge them was their aim

And Goliath met his end

At the hands of a child, and so the giants were removed from the face of the earth.

So remember, if we fight giants will eventually go.

"Here In Heaven"

My life here in heaven is taking some time to adjust

No foul-play, no cheating, there's no one to mistrust

I've flown in from planet earth, I've left the dirt behind me.

I'm looking round at this land I've found I sharing common ground with God

The peace is so heavy, it's taking some effort to move

But there's no weight on my shoulders, I don't have a thing to prove

I don't seem to have hunger, so I'll stay here a little longer

There's nothing beguiling and I see people smiling at me

And as I walk around I realise I've been here before

In my dreams, in my prayers I have seen this shore

The light that's shining is brightening my complexion

The souls are reclining in hope of resurrection.

And then I'm transported back to the place when men are scheming

I look around and realise I was only dreaming

Some people feel that their lives are ebbing away

Mine is moving closer to that brighter day


Dress it up or call it 'what the butler saw'

It's always been with us but there's more now than ever before

Late night TV, Internet traffic

Soft or hard, tame or graphic

Humans seem to have an inquisitive nature

To check things out is part of our behaviour

Purely out of interest some will tell you that they've looked

They say it's no big deal there's no way they're getting hooked

Others struggle, their will is torn

They don't want to but they have to get their fill of porn

Human beings are interesting creatures

Doing things they don't want is one of their features

Time consuming viewing, when there's other things to be doing

The videos are queuing (How much time you got?)

If you want a little help, some advice

It's easy to say, but don't look twice

Life has got compartments, put things where they should be

Get your house in order, and the devil he will flee

His body's fatigued, with headache and eyestrain

But chemicals released flood into his brain

Looking searching consumed he's on the hunt

His desire has made him incontinent

It can be fretful, it can vex

Here's the rub, it's got little to do with sex

It leaves him feeling low and forlorn

It sounds so seedy, it's porn.

"The Image"

Trouble in the clans

Conflict in distant lands

Ancient Family Rites

Causing modern day fights

World leaders look and stare

Is collusion in the air?

Babylon long since gone

Cities set on fire by the Roman Empire

Regimes come and rulers go

But one Kingdom still will grow

Cleopatra loved Mark Antony

And took her own life when he died.

Oil and water, iron and clay,

The image lies in pieces

And is being blown away

It's hard to measure

King Nebuchadnezzar

Was at the helm

Of earth's largest realm

Despite it's size it's demise

Is being replaced by a rule of love

"Reader's Digest" by Larry Norman (additional lyrics Paul Poulton)

Alice is a drag queen

Bowie's somewhere in-between

Other bands are looking mean

Me? I'm trying to stay clean

I don't dig the radio

I hate what the charts pick

Rock'n'Roll may not be dead but it's getting sick

All over the world disc jockeys talk the same

And every town I play is like the one from where I came

The Rolling Stones are billionaires

Flower children pall bearers

The Beatles said "All you need is love", then they broke up.

Jimi took an overdose, Janice followed so close

The whole music scene and all the bands are pretty comatose

This time last year people didn't want to hear

Looked at Jesus from afar

Then they called Him superstar

In 1963 assassinated Kennedy

Who's in power now (don't know)

Turn on the TV

The man on the News said

"China's gonna beat us, we've shot all our dreamers there's no one left to lead us.

We need a solution some kind of salvation, let's send people to Mars and gather information".

You think it's such a sad thing when you see a fallen king

Then you find out they're only princes to begin with

And everybody has to choose whether they will win or lose

Follow God or sing the blues and who you're gonna sin with

What a mess the world is in I wonder who began it

Don't ask me I'm only visiting this planet.

"Touch Me"

You shake my hand but look the other way

You don't seem interested in what I have to say

You need a little passion if I may make so bold

Perfunctory politeness always leaves me cold

Show me some emotion try to make my soul sing

I'm a human being that must be worth something

Your eyes are vacant. The train has left the station

Let's catch up with some real communication

Touch me, reach me, stop playing that role

I'll take you as you are, I'm not asking for perfection

Look me in the eye let's get some interconnection

Reach me with some feeling, stop being so cold

Let's dig a little deeper we may find gold

So touch me, reach me, stop acting that role

Touch me, (touch me) reach into my soul.

I don't need you to touch me in a sexual way

I've got a good girl and I won't betray

Don't need no conveyor belt of matched and despatched

I want bona fide affection, no strings attached

Touch me, reach me, give up that role

Touch me, (touch me) reach into my soul.

"Cover Me"

Sometimes I put my hands up and hold me head

When I think of all the stupid things I've said.

Like when I should have said nothing

But my mouth ran ahead

It's just another stupid things I've said

And I feel the air fill with tension

When some dumb thing I've said is brought to my attention.

So let your love cover me

Let your love cover me

Sometimes I wonder if I ever will learn

Please forgive me if I speak out of turn.

So let your love cover me

Let your love cover me

Song by Song Analysis for Too Twitchy

1 "Why"

The world over people are the same, different cultures same human needs. All the temptations we meet are common to all men and women. Some people enter into relationships because they love, others because they love what they can get. Two paths to choose from honour and dishonour.

2 "Too Big"

"Eternity is in the hearts of men, yet they cannot fathom what God has done from the beginning to the end." It's true, we can't fathom it. It's too big for us to comprehend. Yet some people talk as if they know exactly when the world is going to end and try to convince others. Some people's eschatology is so tightly formed, there's no room for manoeuvre, pride won't allow them to say they may be wrong. The universe is too large for us to comprehend, time is too vast to sit neatly into our brains, it won't fit. We need to be humble and receive with gratitude the love that is all around us. G.K.Chesterton said, "The poet only asks to get his head into the heavens. It is the logician who seeks to get the heavens into his head. And it is his head that splits."

3 "Lonely"

Blues songs often lament the lover who has left. This is an appeal for married couples to stay married. We need each other, don't cheat, don't lie, be faithful, sincere and trustworthy.

4 "Too Twitchy"

I was running a 10k road race with 1000 other people, I complained to one of the other runners about something that the organisers hadn't done to my liking and the other runner said, "it's fine, there's nothing to worry about, you're too twitchy, calm down." I thought, yes he's right, I need to relax and calm down. Peace is an important quality to have in our lives. Have some faith and trust, everything works out. We easily jump to the wrong conclusion, maybe if we weren't so jumpy we would see life more clearly.

5 "I Like You"

Some practical advice, don't shout. It's not nice and doesn't help a relationship grow.

6 "I'm Not Good Lonely"

"It's not good for man to be alone". Is one of the earliest statements in recorded human history. We are gregarious, we help each other and in many ways need each other. Some people seem to be able to cope with loneliness, but I'm not one of them.

7 "I Try To Be Good"

It doesn't happen by itself we have to actually resist those temptations that can so easily waylay us. That means we have to put some work into it.

8 "Why Are People Like That?"

It's one of those questions that we all ask after someone has stolen something from us, or hurt us when we've only done good to them. I guess the doctrine of the fall goes a long way to answering that question.

9 "Mistakes I've Made"

We all make them. The important thing is not to pretend we are perfect and never make mistakes, but to be open and honest and learn from our mistakes. Let's forgive each others faults because we will need ours forgiving at some point.

10 "Coffee And Cake"

Coffee And Cake originated from a competition we held on MySpace for a song title. I said I would write a song using the best title someone could come up with. People came up with quite a lot of suggestions for song titles and Vivienne Neville who is a singer from Co Durham, UK, came up with the winning title: "Coffee And Cake". (She won a nice bottle of perfume). I thought I could use the song on Too Twitchy because the songs on the album are mostly about relationships we have. The humour used in Coffee And Cake is a warning firstly about addictions, which are stronger than we think. When life isn't going the way we want, comfort eating is a problem for some people. But of course there are far worse addictions than comfort eating, the addict in the song is a "substance user" and his addiction is spoiling his chances of getting the girl he wants. Addictions ruin people's lives in a number of ways. And there are quite a number of things people can get addicted to, I chose coffee and cake because it was a way of talking about addiction without kicking those who are already suffering from worse addictions, but the message is still there. The appeal of the song is for the guy to kick his habit, get his life together and win the girl. He's too twitchy for her at the moment.

Another aspect of the song is the singles area. I have spoken to single people who really want a boyfriend or girlfriend but at the same time aren't prepared to change from their single way of life. Being married means we have to give up our singleness. We can't just do what we want anymore. I know a couple who were in love, went to college together to study theology and then got jobs at a church as assistant pastors, but the man in the relationship, thought he was still single. He watched TV a lot of the time, didn't interact and he ate a lot, he was in many ways a lovely guy and it did seem like the marriage was made in heaven at first, but the marriage failed. Sometimes keeping a relationship sure and steady mean we have to take some practical steps.

11 "Nature Of Time"

This song picks up the theme in "Too Big". If we try to think of ever and ever, we can't, something stops us in our tracks. Time is the area of being that we live in at present. It constantly surprises us as if we don't belong here. We don't fit into it too easily, perhaps because we are really made for some other area. Maybe one day we'll vacate this tent and find that we are actually under a larger canvass than we ever imagined.


It's something that I've noticed
It's something I've deduced
Some men fall in love
Some men are seduced

Some girls want a lover
Who calls them honey
Some girls want a man
Who's got lots of money

Is that why lovers lie?
Is that why strong men cry?

I've met so many people
Some call me friend
Some stay for the journey
Some leave at the first bend

I've been to so many places
With strange name
But the people who live there
Are just the same.

Is that why do good friends lie
Is that why friendships die

Somebody tell me
‘Cause I need to know
Should I take love fast
Or take love slow?

Some friends bring peace
Some friends grieve
Some girls stay
Some girls leave

Is that why lovers lie?
Is that why strong men cry?

Somebody tell me
‘Cause I need to know
Should I take life fast
Or take life slow?

"Too Big"

Sometimes people think
They know what's going on
They're like Superman
With a rock from Krypton

Sometimes people say
They know what will be
They raise their arms and shout
And scream like a Banshee

It's too big for them
It's too big to know
It won't fit in our brain.

What is happening
from the beginning to the end?
If someone says they know
They only pretend

It's too big for them
It's too big to know
It won't fit in our tiny brain

It's too big for me
It's too big to show
I comprehend a tiny grain

I can feel the love shining down all around me
And no matter what
Someone alleges
No one can see
to the edges

People shout so loud
In their infallibility
They should calm down
And show humility

It's too big for them
It's too big to know
It won't fit in our tiny brain

It's too big for me
It's too big to show
I comprehend a tiny grain


Sometimes it gets lonely
(You) leave me all alone
(You say you've) gone to your sister's
I can reach you at her home
But here's the thing
When I ring
No one picks up the phone

(I) feel like Eleanor Rigby
You're a rolling stone
A wandering star
A bird that's flown
sue me for libel
But it says in the bible
It's not good to be alone

We need each other
So why can't we be friends?
Through good, or bad weather
Why can't we stay together baby.

You Stay out all night long
And wound my broken heart
I keep looking for you
But I don't know where to start
You said
You'd sleep in my bed
‘Till death do us part.

"Too Twitchy"

When you see somebody come and knock upon your door
You go into panic mode and lie down on the floor
They look in the window and see you lying down
Sheepish grin upon your face feeling like a clown you're

Too Twitchy

When you see two good friends with their heads together
Nonchalantly talking ‘bout the stormy weather
Your brain goes into overtime making you construe
Your friends are really enemies talking about you, you're

Too Twitchy

Your body sweats as you imagine threats
You think some nasty germ will shortly invade you
Have some faith in way God made you.

Try to move you body, you'll soon be in the pink
Try running down the street ‘cos you're stronger than you think
Stop looking for that lazy deal you think is preferential
Maximise your efforts to reach your potential

Don't be twitchy

"I Like You"

I've seen your new blue dress
I've felt your sweet caress
I like you baby
But I don't think you should shout at me

I've watched you sip your tea
Seen you make eyes at me
I like you baby
But I don't think your should shout at me

When the sky is dull
It's hard to see your happiness
When the moon if full
It's plain to see your restlessness

When you're asleep you call my name
I know it's all in the game
I like you baby
But I don't think you should shout at me

"I'm Not Good Lonely"

My nerves are tense
My mouth is dry
I'm never good at saying goodbye
I look strong but I'm a phony
I keep up appearances
But I'm not good lonely

I grasp and grope, it's not good for my health
I seem okay ‘till I'm by myself.
I've got a comrade, acquaintance I know an old crony
It's hard to admit
But I'm not good lonely

Left to myself I'm a gibbering wreck
I keep phoning people I'm a pain in their neck
It's not good to be alone, I'm sorry to ramble
That's what God said, I'm a living example

Going through the motions makes life so drear
I've got a family but they don't live near
Cousin Glenys is nice and I've got cousin Tony
It's the way I'm designed
I'm not good lonely

I can't think straight, I'm flustered and fretful
I could get a dog, but it won't cut the mustard
Flesh of my flesh bone of my bony
I need you baby cos
I'm not good lonely.

"I Try To Be Good"

I try to be good every day
But that piper comes around and he begins to play
I don't want to do what is wrong
But that pipers tune is just too strong

I try my hardest to be nice to you
But tell me baby "just what is it I'm supposed to do?"
I could be American, Brazilian or Cuban
But whatever nationality, nothing changes that we're human.

And I try, I try I try to be good

I try to be strong but I'm a broken man
But I'll stand as strong as something broken can
Show mercy have forgiveness as rule of thumb
Spending time with me you'll see that I can be dumb

And I try, I try I try to be good

"Why Are People Like That?"

They'll take your love and your money
They'll take your sugar and honey
They'll take you skinny or fat
Why are people like that?

They'll take your house and your home
They'll take every thing you own
They'll take the shirt off your back
Why are people like that?

They'll take your phone and your clock
They'll take everything you've got
They'll laugh behind your back
Why are people like that?

They'll take your girl and you woman
They'll take the strength that you summon
They'll break your heart and leave you flat
Why are people like that?

They'll take your bike and your car
If you push 'em too far
They'll run you off the track
Why are people like that?

They'll make you sleep on the street
And give you nothing to eat
You'd better know it's a fact
Why are people like that?

They'll take the flesh off your bone
Until you repay that loan
Treat you like a door mat
Why are people like that

Why are people like that
Why are people like that
Don't understand where they're at
Why are people like that?

"Mistakes I've Made"

Friendships I've had
Begin to fade
I think about
Mistakes I've made
Seen from another view you may disagree
But there's no one to blame but me

I tried too hard
To make the grade
I look back
On mistakes I've made
If I used deceit, if I ever used stealth
There's no one to blame but myself

I've been in trouble, I have paid,
I have pleaded I have prayed
Hard lessons learned through mistakes I've made.

I had to choose
Between light and shade
Please forgive
Mistakes I've made
Let's lay down the grudge, no one's keeping scores
Forgive me mine and I'll forgive yours

Lead break over bridge chords

Friends I've had
Seem to have strayed
I wonder if it's
Mistakes I've made
We're all human, we all have flaws
Forgive me mine and I'll forgive yours

"Coffee And Cake"

I I must concur / I'm in love with her
Maybe I'm dim / Cause she's in love with him

He's calm and cool /I am clamouring fool
Each day I fight / My cruel appetite
Every day I partake of coffee and a slice of cake

He's toned and tough / I'm ready and rough
She likes refined and romantic / I'm fraught and frantic
Every tea break I must take coffee and a piece of cake

Coffee and cake / It makes my fingers shake
Coffee and cake / It keeps me awake

He's so shrewd / I'm so crude
He's in control/ I need a chocolate roll
He's her heart throb / She thinks I'm a slob
He's quick and alert / I've got crumbs on my shirt
Every hour I must take, coffee and a chuck of cake
Coffee and cake / Makes my body quake
Coffee and cake / Makes my stomach ache

I'm a caffeinated loser / A dessert abuser
I make her head ache, (she says) it's too much coffee and cake
He's a cruiser / I'm a substance user
It's just like she predicted / I am addicted
Coffee and cake / Not T Bone steak
Coffee and cake / (I don't want) vegetable bake

"Nature Of Time"

The wheels move so slowly, when the day is dull
But life picks up its pace when the day is full
I like my routine it's really peace in disguise,
When something grabs my interest I say my" how time flies".

Take a small diversion, then be sure to abstain
What starts as pleasure can end as pain
Get some moderation, don't tarry or dwell
‘Cause what you think is heaven could turn out to be hell

Time is a healer, a series of atonements
Soothing balm and ointment through the principle of moments

According to some people time will restrict and encumber
others say age is nothing but a number
Sometimes I can see it that way, and Dylan said it in a song
God bless and keep you always, and stay forever young

Einstein said that it's an illusion, its qualities are sublime
We seem astonished, when we say, "is that the time?"
The cryptogram is set by heavenly paternity
It seems we're not made for this temporary time but for eternity