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Practice & Writingby Lewis Management
Part of being a musician is daily practice, something I have always tried to be consistent with. I give myself a new piece to master and then once I am able to execute the new piece I move on to another. Some musicians play their guitars (or violins etc.) for well over two hours each day, and for some musicians it’s up to eight hours. I sometimes manage two hours but not always. Practice is never boring either, I often have new ideas while playing my guitar, that in turn gives rise to new songs. I am back in the studio this month recording a new song called “Distracted”. I haven’t been in the studio for a while so I’m looking forward to it.

Writing has also taken up quite a chunk of time. I felt it was incumbent upon me to write these books, I would wake very early in the mornings, (I still do) with all these thoughts about Genesis, Exodus, through to Deuteronomy. The books all made sense to me, as if they are a hermetically sealed machine that interconnects perfectly, and science, technology and biology etc. can only confirm what the Bible has already written thousands of years before.

The new book, “Exodus for Ordinary People” is out now and has received a fine review from Robin Thompson in ‘Never for Nothing’. Robin says, "Paul continues to challenge and excite us, with a scholarly yet accessible work." You can read the full review at on the “Reviews” page, under “Exodus for Ordinary People”.
Scotland and Englandby Lewis Management
The Paul Poulton Project are recently back from dates in Scotland. Denise Thompson on drums and Karine Graham on bass, both girls sing beautiful backing vocals. The group was very well received - Paul has played in Scotland many times and has made some good friends there. A memorable time was back in 1991 when Paul opened the concert for American singer Larry Norman, the concert lasted quite some time, as many of Larry’s concerts did, people still talk about that evening – 22 November, which was the same day back in 1963 that CSLewis, Aldous Huxley and President JFKennedy died. Paul and Larry spoke about the subject in the dressing room and Larry also talked about that day back in 1963 during his set.
Paul has also been doing some solo dates throughout England. Coming up is a set at Queen’s Birthday celebration at St Giles Hospice on Friday. I’ve been asked to include one or two patriotic songs in my set. Paul’s friend Martin Hill said he could sing “The English Way”. That might not be exactly what they are after though.
Paul has also continued his writing. Exodus for Ordinary People should be out soon. And a new book about God and Primordial People is also being written.
What A Nice Agentby Paul Poulton
Our agent Noel Donaldson has done a fine job arranging dates for us. We were booked to perform at the Music Venue in the centre of Huddersfield called the King’s Head. You can tell it’s a music venue because the picture of the King’s Head hanging outside the venue is Jimi Hendrix. The concert went extremely well. One guy named Alex came up to me saying what a beautiful sound and harmonies we had, he said it touched his heart. And I guess that’s what music is meant for - to touch the human heart. Somehow our heart can slowly get hard but God has placed music in the world to help soften our hearts.
The Paul Poulton Project will be heading up to Scotland in May to do a few concerts. And I will be doing a few solo events with my acoustic guitar around England.
The solo acoustic version of “Mistakes I’ve Made” is now out on Amazon and iTunes etc, plus all the usual streaming outlets. The album version song seems popular at the moment, it has a softer production - the raw blues of the acoustic version has an organic feel that captures the essence the music. Perhaps the reason the song seems to resonate with people is because we all make mistakes.
Busy Summerby Lewis Management
Busy summer – Spanish concerts were well received again. This was the Paul Poulton Project’s second tour of Spain. The rain came down in torrents while the band were there, making Paul think, "this must be the plain." Back in the UK the band played some blues in Wales. The audience came into the concert a little forlorn because of the Welsh Rugby match against South Africa. Blues music is medicine, and they left feeling much better. Karine and Denise were on great form, laying down some neat grooves for Paul’s guitar playing. Between songs he spoke about music being able to soothe the soul, it's one of God's blessings to humans. The band also held an afternoon music-workshop. Creating a nice “whole band sound” was part of the workshop. There was plenty of "band – audience" dialogue too.

The audience paid £10 a ticket for Lichfield’s music & comedy night. Paul played solo providing the music with his acoustic guitar and found the crowd were also ready laugh at the "between song" talk. The comedian who followed him, told the audience Paul had made his job harder.

Paul has also finished writing the book called “Exodus for Ordinary People”, which is due out in 2016. It follows hot on the heels of “Genesis for Ordinary People”. A friend of Paul’s said, only 64 books to go then?
Summer 2015by Lewis Management
The latest album "Words" has had a couple of recent reviews on Phantom Tollbooth and in the Church of England Newspaper. Here's a few quotes. "Poulton displays a fascinating bunch of influences." "“Get in the Spirit” fully unleashes the funk, lifted by some sauntering synth and given extra soul by the backing vocals." Best of the lot could be “Get Back Temptation,” a confident performance of a defiant lyric with some tasty guitar licks and a couple of very short guitar solos – which is a shame, as they are full of feeling and could well have been longer."

The album has also been voted an “All-Time Favorite” by Midnight Special Blues Radio.

Memorable solo and band bookings have been taking place across England. Paul also went to Greece, initially for a break but ended up playing for about an hour opposite the Ionian Sea, a nice place to sing "Wade In The Water". A local businessman said he ought to pay Paul because trade was boosted during the live music. A local musician invited Paul to lunch, so he spent some time with his family and got to see how the local people live. Paul said, “The peaceful and uncluttered way of life affects people who visit too. They are a Greek Orthodox community and their faith can be seen in the way they exhibit simple trust each day. I have brought an inspiring Greek Orthodox picture of Jesus home with me.”

The band are booked to do a tour of Spain during parts of August and September.

Reviews, emails and remarks have also been coming in for Paul’s book Genesis for Ordinary People. Peter wrote, I am enjoying your book on Genesis. You have a very nice writing style. I have similar views. I also think that Adam's descendants were the founders of Eridu. I read quite a bit of your book in Google books, and I ordered the Kindle Version. I really liked your arguments about Cain's wife and I am looking forward to studying more about Sodom and Gomorrah. I had never heard that information before, but it sounds really good.

Paul is also writing a book about the second book of the Bible, Exodus.
All Things Newby Lewis Management
The new single "Stronger" is now out along with a video on youtube. We had so much fun making the video it as you will see if you watch it. The new book is also out, it's called Genesis for Ordinary People, so if you are an ordinary person and are interested in the subject of the first book in the Bible, then please avail yourself of a copy from Amazon. There is a web site up and running for people who have read the book and may want to ask a question or two, the web site address is

We have just finished a few dates around the country. After last Saturday night's concert I slept in someone's conservatory on a sofa bed. I lay my head down and noticed I could see a small section of sky with a few stars in it. I said to myself, "That's God's hand at work". Suddenly a shooting star went diagonally across the section of sky I could see. "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands." (Psalm 19)
Summer 2014by Lewis Management
>The Paul Poulton Project had some amazing concerts over the summer. The Somerset gigs and Master-Class went well. Guitar and music students from around the area spent a morning with the band, learning some important features of making and performing music. Denise J Thompson, who is quickly acquiring the tag of ‘best drummer in the known universe’, gave the students some valuable tips. Karine Graham, who is also gaining a following of admiring bass players, spoke about the important role bass has in a band, and Paul spoke about guitar technique; it all made for an excellent morning. The band also like to take their brand of blues/funk/gospel to music venues across the country including ‘The Avenue’. Paul said, “At the end of the gig in Lancashire a guy came to the stage and put a note on it. Which said, ‘thank you my Birmingham friends, love Derek.’ We joked with the audience about us being from the Birmingham area. It was nice to make some new friends and spread God’s love around.”
>The band then toured Spain and made a lot more friends. It was a busy time with two gigs a day on some days but the organiser, the very efficient Carol Robertson, also factored in some chill ‘n’ grill time. So a great time was had by all. The band is now back in the UK and next weekend are playing at a Community Church in Tottenham, London that was featured in a Channel 4 TV documentary. It's opened its doors for homeless people to sleep in. The Guardian newspaper says, since the church has given the destitute a space to sleep and a hot meal, the church has been deluged with requests it can't refuse.
>Plans for the Christmas dates are now being finalised.
Revelator (The Apostle John)by Lewis Management

"Revelator (The Apostle John)" The new single from the Paul Poulton Project. The song always lifts the audience when it's played live and people have been asking to get hold of it. So here it is. The song Revelator is very old, first recorded in 1930. But this version is based on Ian Siegal's modern song. Paul asked for permission to record it, which Ian and his record company kindly gave him. Credits: Siegal (adapted Poulton). Denise J Thompson: Drums and backing vocals. Karine Graham sings BVs too and plays bass. Paul Poulton: Vocals and plays guitars. Chris Smith: Keyboard.

Revelator (The Apostle John) Siegal (adapted Poulton)
Wonder-Filled Christmas Tourby Paul Poulton
We had a blast on this year’s Christmas tour, reminding people about the reason for the season. And this December I met some interesting people too. Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer Ed Balls and the excellent songwriter and musician Roy Wood. I first met Roy in the studio some years ago, he was complimentary about a song of mine. I was able to tell him that we have been singing his song "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday" on our Christmas tour. All the dates were good especially the Boston Spa concert, the hall was packed out. It was a great night from start to finish. We had three children Freddie, Anna and Ben come on stage and talk about Christmas, they were most articulate too. Of course it’s easy to perform well when I have Denise J Thomson on drums and BVs and Karine Graham and on bass and BVs, the finest rhythm section and vocal harmonizers known to man. My son Isaac has been playing some fine guitar parts too. As part of this year's Christmas tour the organisers of the Boston Spa concert asked us to do a Saturday morning set at Martin House Hospice which cares for Children and Young People. We were happy to do extra gigs while we are in the area. Singing to young people with progressive life-limiting illnesses is a privilege and somehow lets us know that music is an important gift that can help us all see life in a different way.
Super Smashing Summerby Paul Poulton
After some smashing summer gigs, the line-up for the Paul Poulton Project has ended up as Denise J Thompson: Drums/BVs, Karine Graham: Bass/BVs, Isaac Poulton: Guitar/BVs Paul Poulton: Guitar and Vocals.
We have all spent many hours travelling together, sometimes a little cramped too, but I have never heard one negative comment or moan. We all get along famously, and make each other laugh a lot. There’s a well known saying that goes, “The Joy of the Lord is our strength.” And it’s true.
During the summer we played at the KingsStock Festival, what lovely surroundings for a festival, held in the Cambridgeshire countryside. It's large site with two stages, very friendly festival. We also played at a festival in Bristol held next to the Harbourside, publicised as an event for those who love music and food, it was right up our harbourside. We also did another gig in Bristol where UK legendary blues guitarist Keith Thompson turned up, we managed to persuaded him to do a few songs with us, we all enjoyed it so much he stayed on stage and we ended up playing about ten song together, the audience loved every string bending minute of it. We did quite a few other gigs too; The Church in the Park was really nice in Willenhall, lovely setting.
Last night we played at 'Sunday Night Live' in Oadby, Leicestershire. It's advertised as "Live Entertainment With A Twist Of Faith". It sounds so far up my street that it's knocking on my door, letting itself in and having a cup of coffee in the kitchen; which is a happy coincidence because the venue is Costa Coffee.
Get In The Spirit (Single) Videoby Lewis Management
This video is a remake of the song "Get In The Spirit" from the 'Dumb Dogs' album. It features on the new album 'Words'.

Words by Paul Poulton Projectby Lewis Management
Track from the new album "Words". This is the radio edit, the full version of the song is on the album. Release date for downloading from iTunes Amazon etc... is April 1st, 2013. You can buy a CD 'Words' from this web site now, if you want. (Merchandise page.)

"Wade In The Water" Videoby Lewis Management
Wade In The Waterby Paul Poulton
Hello fellow earthlings.

>The Stones will play 23 songs at their gig in London. Tickets are £90 - £375. That’s £16.30 a song. Perhaps they will they let you in for just one song? But not to worry because the Paul Poulton Project will soon be putting some hot new songs on the airwaves, internet, handheld devices and anything else that moves. In fact one song - “Wade In The Water” is already out, it’s a single from the new album ‘Words’ which will be released in 2013. “Wade In The Water” is picking up steam. Listeners on Blues 'N Boogie have on average been rating it 9.8 out of 10 and it's got a pop score of 86/100 this week on Jango which is the 5th largest music site in the US, it has 7 million global listeners a month plus many more worldwide (joke). Radio has changed over the last few years along with many other components of the music business. But it all means more choice for music-listeners which is a good thing. You can listen to ”Wade In the Water” on Spotify or download it on iTunes, Amazon etc…

>People sometimes ask me how I write a song. I tell them that the first ingredient is ‘inspiration’. I don’t even try to write a song if that important component isn’t there. A good song can last a long time. I just had a quick look through radio playlists and songs I released back in the 1990s are still getting airplay. Music can go a long way, it's worthwhile taking time when writing and recording music. Songs can have a long shelf-life. Look at the Psalms – David wrote his songs 3000 years ago and they are still speaking to each new generation of the human race. That’s because David was inspired when he wrote them, God breathed through his lyrics and still does. Inspiration is available to us all in whatever line of work we do.
US Tour 2012by Paul Poulton
The lively gig in Birmingham UK was followed by a more sedate concert in Birmingham Alabama. The pace of life is slower in Alabama, people even talk slower. Which was restful because the rest the US tour was busy. In Wisconsin I was just about to bite into my Turkey Sandwich when in burst Dave who told me that he had just arranged for me to go on TV. So without one bite of my lunch we hurried round to the studio and I was told to sit down in front of three cameras, Dave said “We go live in 10 seconds.” I only realised what the programme was as it was being introduced. It was 30 min chat show. So I talked and played for 30 mins, I think we kept it interesting and entertaining. The organiser for the Tennessee dates, Steve Clabo also runs a radio station called Vine Radio, but he found time to book me into a number of venues, including Saturday Night at Clint’s Country Venue. The band who was on first played some rip-roaring country and gospel songs. I’m from England and felt a bit of an impostor by showing them how to play country music, but I showed ‘em and I showed ‘em reeeal guuuud.
There are two kinds of people in the world: takers and givers; those who give life to you and those who suck it from you. But it’s a bit of a weird thing because if we give, we find we receive even more. But if we steal, grab and snatch we lose what we already had to start with. Some people will suck you dry offering nothing in return, others will enrich you with their generosity. And it’s those sort of people who will be made rich so that they can be generous. He who sows sparingly will reap sparingly; he who sows generously will also reap generously. We have met a lot of people who are life affirming, they have brought goodness into our lives. And as for those who negate life rather encourage it, we pray for them and hope that they will know the love and joy that the Prince of Peace has to offer.
I’m so thankful for all the good people who help us put the tours together.
Summer Hots Upby Lewis Management
Summer is getting hotter in the UK and so are events in the Paul Poulton Project camp. Recording is well underway for the new album. We Know It's Only Swamp-Rock/Funk/Gospel With Whiff Of Blues But We Like It and hopefully so will many other people. Leroy Johnson has been singing some beautiful backing vocals and so has Denise J Thompson. Denise is also playing drums on this recording, and if any of you have seen the band live recently you’ll know just what an amazing player Denise is. There’s a week coming up down south then Paul’s on a solo tour of America but in between the band are managing to squeeze a local gig in at Birmingham UK on 17th August at The City Tavern. Funny because the next gig after that is in Birmingham US. We think that UK had the name first though. In the photo on the left Leroy has his foot in a cast, he was in hospital for a few days and let out just a few hours before the gig. BTW CDBaby have Dumb Dogs as a download for $5.99 that’s even cheaper in GBP. Much cheapness.
Back in the Studioby Lorraine Lewis
The boys and the girl in Paul Poulton's band are heading back into the studio. Each few years the Paul Poulton Project metamorphoses with new personnel and a new feel, hence the name of the band. The news on the street is that now Leroy Johnson and the Birmingham (UK) gospel singer Denise J Thompson are in the line up the feel is a conglomeration of gospel reggae swamp funk, (get your wellies,) at least that’s what’s been happening at recent live dates. Including the Birmingham Queen’s Jubilee concert (see picture).Tracks for the new album include “Wade In The Water” and “Get Back Temptation” along with new songs that Paul has written including “I Can’t Stand The Sadness”. This will be Paul 14th album release.
Bad Things People Doby Lewis Management
Looks Like Summer's Hereby Paul Poulton
The single version of "Too Many Things To Worry About" (Different to the album version) is available as a free download at under Paul Poulton Project you can also listen to Paul Poulton Project radio on there. Also on Last FM is a Paul Poulton profile which has earlier albums on.

Well this week it's off up to Scotland, for gigs, yes but also my name is down to run the Edinburgh marathon for Alzheimer's Research. If you want to help this important research go to

Next week it's back into the studio a new song called "I Can't Stand The Sadness" will receive some work and also Viv Neville, the Celtic singer whose debut album has made such an impact, has asked me to work on some tracks from her new album, which is sounding quite beautiful with a little bit of funk.

On The Queen's Diamond Jubilee the Paul Poulton Project will be on stage at 4:00pm in Birmingham helping out with the celebrations. The gig is at a lovely theatre type building, Old Chapel, 48 Manor Park Grove, Northfield, B31 5ER. Another gig worth travelling to on June 23rd is in Stafford at another cool venue Risingbrook Baptist Church, Burton Sq, ST17 9LT.

Remember to shed some light and love into people's lives if you can. And don't worry about winning arguments, it's planting some good seeds in people's hearts that counts. Once you've planted the seed they have a way of growing because someone is interested in watering them.
New Line up for the Paul Poulton Projectby Lewis Management
What a happy band of troubadours we are. We now have a distinct gospel/funk/reggae feel to our sound. Thanks to Leroy Johnson and Denise J Thompson. Both first class gospel musicians and great backing vocalists. The picture is of us just before we began our set at a gig in Lincolnshire. Denise joined us shortly after this gig so she's not in the picture unfortunately. But we have some more gigs coming up where Denise will play a big part. It's great when people come into the band and bring their own chemistry to add to the mix, we end up with lovely textures and beautiful sound-scapes. It all adds to move the people who listen. After one gig someone asked me if I should be playing the blues because it's depressing music that was born out of misery. But the blues was sung as medicine, so playing it isn't depressing, it's therapeutic. Music is medicine, it's one of God's gifts to the human race. The trouble with us humans is that our hearts tend to get hard over time and God has to send music in the world to help soften them. That's why people sing in church, funerals and weddings and many other occasions. Pity the soul that cannot sing.
The Most Sensible Band in the Worldby Lewis Management
Quality tee shirts saying

Paul Poulton Project
The Most Sensible Band In the World
New Album: Some People Believe Anything

The tee shirts are made by the same company who Top Shop use.

The cost is £12.99 if you want one let Lewis Management know (click the orange link above the picture of the tee shirt.) They'll tell you what to do.

And wait... There's more!

We also do hats, shorts, pants, vests, you name it! All with the Paul Poulton Project logo.

Ha! And there it is!
The Barnby Lewis Management
We're still hearing good reports about when we played at the unconventional venue "The Barn". It is a very cool venue with bails of hay for seats. We are hoping to fit it in as a venue in the summer when we travel to the south of England.

BBC Music News mentioned that - Consummate professional Leroy Johnson has been playing with the Paul Poulton Project, as well as being a well known musician he is a true brother and adds such a lot to the funk, blues and rock sound the band are known for.

The 'Angel' album is now available for download in iTunes.

Musicians can now earn money from their music on YouTube. YouTube scan music tracks with their magical high-tech machinery and give an exact sonic fingerprint for each song in their database. Then pay a royalty on each song. This of course will help struggling musicians across the world feed their family, hooray, food at last

Winners of a Dumb Dogby Lewis Management
The photo on left is of Paul in Nashville, big gig needs big guitar, although someone did suggest it looks like it needs to be ridden rather than played.

This just in from Crossrhythms News: "HARD GIGGING Midlands aggregation the Paul Poulton Project are now performing as a five piece. Additions to the band are bass player Leroy Johnson and Paul's son, percussionist Isaac. The new line up did their first gig together recently at Old Nick's, one of Lincolnshire's preeminent music venues. The band will be playing at the Ignite Conference in Birmingham on 3rd March."

The winners (picked at random out of a real hat) of the competition to win a Dumb Dogs CD are:

Andrew Falconbridge
Dave Smith
Mike Anderton

Don't fret if you didn't win because Lewis Management are dishing out a spot prize back-up plan and you may win one in the spot prize section.

Surprisingly not all the answers were correct, but the correct answer to the question:

What was the name of Paul's first album?

A, I Think I'm Being Followed
B, I Think I'm Being Swallowed (Jonah)
C, I Think Therefore I Am, I Think.

Was A, I Think I'm Being Followed (Released in 1989 containing the popular song "Strange People").
2012by Paul Poulton
You can now listen to "Paul Poulton Project Radio" on Last FM, (Free) which also features some tasty artists of a similar nature. MySpace also have "Paul Poulton Project Radio" but it's all us, no other artists on that station just the PPP.

We have a few gigs coming up, Birmingham this week then one of Lincolnshire's nicest venues, plus a few local dates.

Our good friend Leroy Johnson, (probably the best musician in the world) is happy to do some gigs with us, Leroy plays most instruments but for the next few gigs he'll be on keyboards and BVs.

Urgent request from some venues in America who want to host some concerts in the Spring, but it may be hard to arrange things this end as it doesn't leave much time to sort things out. Usually tours have to be arranged 9 to 12 months in advance. There's an event in Tennessee about the Titanic which will feature some concerts. Vine Radio proprietor and all round good guy Steve Clabo has said he wants to line up other gigs, as they went so well last time round. But we're not sure yet about the timing.

Paul Poulton articles about all sorts of subjects can be read here (Copy & Paste)
You can leave comments too, if you want to add anything to the discussion, which quite a few have. I try to keep out of trouble but just don't seem to manage it.
2011by Lewis Management
2011 has be a productive and successful year for Paul. Last summer he toured America, this time performing in Nashville (somewhere he's never performed before in the US,) as well as going to a number of other states. The whole tour dovetailed together like a dream, as Paul said "When providence and faith walk together, it's like two skilful skaters dancing together on the ice".

The December/Christmas tour also went extremely well. Vivienne Neville was on the bill too, (she also sang on the America tour.) The songs of the two artists were integrated rather than have two separate sets. Paul Poulton Project accompanied Viv's songs as well as their own. A highlight of the tour was the Telford gig at Progress House, where the audience got into the true Spirit of Christmas and danced a conga around the hall.

The band also enjoyed playing at the 2011 Bentworth Blues Festival, which was sold out. There were some fine bands playing that weekend.

The new album 'Some People Believe Anything' was also launched, it's had some jolly nice reviews too. CrossRhythms said, "This is a well produced, blues-tinged album that will not disappoint Paul's many fans."

One more news item. 'Angel' album that received excellent critical acclaim has just been distributed to the download network. You can listen to the whole album free on Spotify.

Or Amazon have it fairly cheap if you want to own it.

Paul says, "It's one of my favorite albums, it has a special feel all the way through."

Here's what one magazine had to say about it.

"Funny, faith-building, fantastic!
Like a breath of fresh air on a stuffy night.
Lyrics 10
Music 10"
Winter 2011by Lewis Management
We are slowly getting Paul Poulton albums onto Spotify and the other streaming services. There are a few on there now so please check them out when you get a chance. As you may know they are free to listen to.

The Paul Poulton Project will soon be on their annual Christmas tour. They have singer Vivienne Neville on tour with them for the December dates this year. Viv is an alto Singer who uses atmospheric evocative ballads and intriguing melodies. She has just released a beautiful Christmas CD called 'Emmanuel'.The band really enjoy her music and will be accompanying some of her songs on the tour. Paul toured with Viv in the summer around America.

Paul has his name down to run the Edinburgh Marathon in May 2012, he will be running for Alzheimer's Research UK. Please have a think about donating. People are living longer which means more of us are being affected by Alzheimer's and Dementia. There is a Just Giving page you can go to donate. Paul will be performing in Scotland while he is up there for the marathon too.

The PPP recently played at Loughborough University. Leroy Johnson played bass and sang BVs. It was a special gig. Loughborough Uni is a special place. Team GB will stay there during the Olympics. Paul may record his next album at Roy's studio.

There's been some very nice reviews of the latest album, "Some People Believe Anything", here's a few excerpts:

I know of nothing out there with this blend of acute observation, guitar-based funk and elevated sense of purpose. "Phantom Tollbooth"

Their brand of blues infused funk and rock has seen them win over audiences around the UK and Paul heads off on a US tour this summer. "Louder Than The Music"

Paul has a distinctive vocal, backed brilliantly by some funky guitars and some blues infused sounds. "Soteria Magazine"

Musically, the band are as tight as ever with Ross Lander, Aron Bicskey, Nic Burrows and Chris Smith adding to Paul’s vocals and guitar playing. ‘Here in Heaven’ got me thinking ‘Pink Floyd’ in a ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ way. All songs, but one, have been written by Paul. Paul has the knack of writing songs that tell a story, and those stories are all food for thought. 9/10 ” "Never For Nothing"
Buckle Upby Lewis Management
Buckle your seats belts, hold on tight for a white knuckle ride through the latest Paul Poulton Project news.

We've been buckling down to some hard rehearsal. Some musicians say they wanted to become musos because they thought it would be better than working. Well it turns out to be very hard work indeedy. One of the best all round musicians in the UK, Roy Johnson is standing in for Ross at the moment. You will probably have heard Roy without realising it. While his main instrument is bass guitar, he plays everything else too. He also sings on TV adverts where you will have heard him. He has performed with us before on drums. We played at a festival up north and Roy had just broke his right ankle playing basketball. But he still turned up at the festival site to perform. I asked him how he would be able to play the kick drum and he said, I'll just do it with my left foot and he did. Flawlessly. He's da man!

Spotify have got PPP songs on there and will soon have the new album and some more on there too. PRS reckon that in the future people will only be streaming music and not actually owning it. Hmmm! What do you think? I'm not sure but they could be right. My friend Karl pays £10 a month to Spotify and listens to all sorts of songs where ever he is through his phone, the quality is superb too.

I've also been rehearsing with Helen Jackson a superb violinist. I have always liked violin, it adds a touch of class. Helen comes from a family of musicians, we've done a gig together and have more in the next few weeks.

We did a few gigs up north. Acoustic duo Living Hope, and singer/songwriter Steve Lowndes, played at a couple of them, nice concerts, we enjoyed both acts.

Keep in touch good fellows.

Big Love

USA 2011by Paul Poulton
The 2011 American tour has now been completed. I performed solo with my acoustic guitar on this tour. Highlights were singing to the cool crowd at the Nashville Rescue Mission, Amy Grant had played there two weeks previously. (The picture is me standing outside the venue.) One of the audience asked me afterwards if I was English, I said "Yes". Then he asked me if that was the language that Americans speak. I said "Yes". Then he said "So you English people invented English?" I said "Yes, and to be truthful we are thinking about charging rent on it, and there may be some arrears due." He said, "Oh, then I'd better stop speaking right now".

Another memorable night was playing in the beautiful town of Zionsville at a Charity dinner for Love Inc, it was a lovely evening with every ticket sold in the large venue, great atmosphere. The tour went through five states, with several of the gigs being in Tennessee. When I arrived home it was just for a day or so because it was then back on the road with my band for dates in the north of England. The Christmas tour is also looming, but it's all good. We all have to work don't we? "By the sweat of your brow".

BTW I met a cool guy on the plane into Nashville named Bob, we sat next to each other and had a real good laugh. His mate owns the Bluebird Cafe famous for artists who've played there including Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift plus being the subject of the Sandra Bullock and River Phoenix movie, 'The Thing Called Love'. The standard of musicianship is very high. I've got a slot to play on the 2012 tour. (Must start practicing a bit more.)
News News and more Newsby Lewis Managment
Music Store Billboard is an informative site and has the new album 'Some People Believe Anything'. You can see them here: (Copy and paste).

Bunches of radio stations across the globe are playing the new album. We can't mention them all but we'd like to and thank them all.

The Paul Poulton Project perform at the Bentworth Blues Festival which is sold out. But thank you to those who helped spread the news.

The American tour is about three weeks long, hitting Nashville, Alabama, Indiana, Ohio and West Virginia, it finishes mid September. Then it's off for a short tour in the north of England. There are also a few gigs down south and one in Birmingham.

So things are busy, but that's good. We're all put on earth to do something and I don't think watching day-time television is it.
US Tourby Lewis Management
"Music Industry News Network"

British singer/songwriter Paul Poulton has a tour of America planned for August and September. The tour kicks off at Nashville and makes it's way round to the Mid-West. Poulton known for his rhythm and witty challenging lyrics will be performing solo using his acoustic guitar. The tour coincides with the release of his new album Some People Believe Anything, which was recorded with his full band, the Paul Poulton Project. Also on the US tour will be Vivienne Neville whose Celtic tinged debut album Veiled In Mystery has had fine reviews.
Some People Believe Anythingby Lewis Management
It's been more sweat and hard work putting the new album (Some People Believe Anything) together not to mention some Lynx Underarm deodorant. But we have about 13 tracks now that are sounding very cool and modern with some wonderful riffs, grooves and thought-provoking, encouraging and challenging lyrics. Some people may feel they are going through Hell, when in fact it is the road to Heaven. Here's the track listing:

1 Anything
2 Bad Things People Do
3 Crying Out Loud
4 Don’t Break Up
5 Saw The Devil
6 Sons Of Anak
7 Here In Heaven
8 Porn
9 The Image
10 Reader’s Digest
11 Touch Me
12 (Bonus) Cover Me
13 (Bonus) DBU Acoustic

Paul Poulton Project - Videoby Lewis Management
Some People Believe Anythingby Paul Poulton
The new album will be called "Some People Believe Anything". The atmosphere is a little strained in the studio, there is tension between the engineer, drummer and producer. But the strange thing is the music being recorded is fab, it's sizzling like an excited isotope. Maybe a little angst helps the creative process. The important thing is that no one holds any grudges and we are all still good mates. It's a well know fact that musicians can be a little temperamental. When I used to play guitar in Dave Pope's band he would say musos were 50% temper and 50% mental, ha. Maybe there's some truth in it. Anyway the picture is me at a lunch time break with my dog chilling out a bit. My dog comes and sits by me when I play guitar, there something soothing about it she enjoys. I'm also taking a short break from writing and recording to do a few gigs, tomorrow I'm doing a solo gig at the Plough and Harrow in Tamworth and on Sunday the band and I are playing at James Treasure's memorial gig at the Roof Top Terrace, Dudley. God bless all James's friends and family who are helping to raise money for neuroblastoma research.

Back to the new album, songs already in the can and even ruff-mixed are "Don't Break Up" (A song about couples who have been together for sometime and are beginning to struggle.) "Touch Me", "Anything" Which contains the title to the album in its lyrics, 'Some People Believe Anything'. It grooves in an interesting way and has a few hard timing changes in there creating two levels of tension which resolve nicely when the groove kicks back in. Nic Burrows played drums on this and did superbly well handling the difficult timing changes with consummate ease, it was a pleasure to watch. And "Reader's Digest, we are doing a video to accompany this song too.
Eventsby Paul Poulton
The photo was taken at the Manna Café gig in Hull. We arrived early, and the sun was shining brightly that day making Hull look quite attractive, (what further evidence do we need of global warming). Aron (drums) and I went to watch Hull City play, we sat behind the goal and got on TV too, my wife saw us. You never know when you are being watched. The Manna Café put on some fine music and opening up the show that night were Squil and Robin Thompson, (it was Squil who took the photo too.) Robin is a clean and inventive guitarist and Squil has sung with Jimi Hendrix bass player the late Noel Redding. She has a deep evocative alto voice. It made for just the right atmosphere for the Paul Poulton Project to follow. We played some tracks from Too Twitchy and had a good laugh with the audience.

Gigs have been going really well lately, Regents College, and Chester stand out as great nights. Tonight is the Ignite three day event, I’m performing solo at this, which is nice. I used to do a lot of acoustic gigs so it’s fun to do a few now and again.

We are also back in the studio recording songs for the next album. So far we have a song called “Touch Me” halfway done and a Larry Norman song called “Reader’s Digest”. When we covered Larry’s song “Rock The Flock” it got a fair bit of radio play and I think it’s important that his music continues to reach out to people. His song "Nightmare" with its “i heard tsunami laugh, the ground began to tremble the land began to sway” could be thought of as prophetic with the terrible events that have occurred and written before tsunamis have been on our TV screens showing what devastation they can cause. I saw him sing this song at The famous Rainbow Theatre in London, some of his songs have that ethereal quality that transcends the natural world we live in.
Live Reviewby Lewis Management
Live Review from last Saturday's gig at one of Lincolnshire's premier music venue's, Old Nicks:


Old Nicks welcomed the return of Paul Poulton Project playing a mix of rock, funk and blues that can best be described as his style that is effortless and smooth delivered with absolute panache.

Fabulously lyrical his soulful touch is cemented with quality musicianship, Paul (guitar and l/vox), Ross (bass and b/vox) and Aron on drums plus a new addition to the band, Paul’s son, Isaac on percussion which complimented an already tight trio.

Paul who plays on both sides of the Atlantic draws the punters into his world not only with his music but also as a raconteur. His self
penned ‘Everything Is Falling To Bits’ and ‘The English Way’ show his quality while there were a number of classics which were given the Paul Poulton treatment. The night was well attended and the music appreciated by all that came. Once again Old Nicks Tavern was privileged to have The Paul Poulton Project.

Ross Ellis

Band On The Runby Lewis Management
More reviews of "Too Twitchy" have been surfacing, here's a few quotes.

"the Paul Poulton Project stand out from the crowd."

"a unique blend of great guitar twangs, strong rhythms and the quirkiest of lyrics"

"the guitars and drums making for a great vibe."

"I like this a lot"

"blues with some touches of funk. Sounding new and crisp"

"rich and chilled out"

"witty yet profound lyrics"
Even More Gigsby Paul Poulton Project
When I go for a run with fellow muzos we talk about music, when we're in the studio we talk about running.

Just got back from two gigs in Malvern, one in a Rep Theatre type venue and another in the village of Cradley, both went swimmingly.

Busy with gigs, no time to eat properly, eating straight from the sink to save time on washing dishes.

Next weekend we are performing at the Coton Centre in Tamworth, the concert will highlight the work of Starfish who help people suffering from drug abuse, alcohol abuse, solvent abuse, homelessness, anxiety, marginalisation and debt. They do a great job.

We were wondering the other day why famous people marry famous people?

We're also back at Horncastle playing at the premier music venue of the area "Old Nick's", not a massive venue but cosy & friendly with music loving owners.

And last but not least. Have faith and everything will be OK in the end. If it's not OK then it's not the end.

Snow Stuckby Paul Poulton
My band and I got stuck on the M1 in the snow and couldn't get to Saturday's Christmas gig, (it was near London). We were cold, hungry and the hotels were full, everyone was trying to get a room for the night. (No room in the Inn), to make matters worse we were starving, no food or drink and we were cold, it was 9 below zero.  We feel bad about not getting to the gig especially as the audience had got there okay, the organiser put a movie on for them while they were waiting but the road we were on was impassable for many lorries who were holding all the traffic up. We finally managed to get off the M1 at Bedford. Someone had mercy on us and providentially we ended up in a beautiful house in Bedford full of food, (it was an 18th birthday celebration and some of the guests hadn't made it because of the snow so they had too much food and wanted us to eat it). They also provided beds in very nice bedrooms, Ross and Aron even had a TV in theirs. The house was massive, we couldn’t believe how our plight had turned around. I lay in my bed thinking about the Christmas story and baby Jesus only had a stable. My life seems to be full of wonders.

We got to the rest of the weekend gigs in Luton and Telford okay. They went really well too, like a bomb, (that’s good in the UK). The whole tour has gone so well this year we’ve had a blast.

I recently had a great interview at UCB radio, it was only supposed to last 15mins but went on for 30mins. They are serialising it. Also WGOE.ORG are playing several PPP albums they are an unusual station and worth listening to. Eternal Radio have also done an hour long interview which turned out to cover some interesting topics. I’m also doing an interview with CrossRhythms Radio in January.

We have some more gigs to do but will get a rest for Christmas.
Some PPP news Winter 2010by Lewis Management
The photo is Aron, Paul and Ross having fun while waiting in the wings of the stage at Summer Madness.

The winter tour is about to start, back on the road, calling in at the motorway services, £23.50 for a bowl of soup. We have to save up to go on tour. I do have to watch what I eat because I think I'm a Lergic. What's a Lergic? The teacher said, we're having eggs today is anyone a Lergic? I can't eat eggs, they make me bad.

We've been asked to open up the Bentworth Blues Festival, that's nice!

We're playing at the Corn Exchange, Fardingdon Oxfordshire. Cool venue.

Oh yeah this week is the charity gig at Kingsmead Technical College, should be a hot gig. Plus I'm keen on getting fresh water to people who don't have any, which is what the concert is aiming to do.

Doing some radio interviews too, that's fun! Radio are adding "Why Are People Like That" to their playlist. They are quite strict about what they play on air so it's nice to get a track from Too Twitchy on CR Radio. They have also given the album a rather nice review too.

In fact there's been some cool reviews of Too Twitchy, here's a few excerpts:

"With a polish and flair that has come to be expected of the Paul Poulton Project, the modern blues vibe of 'Too Twitchy' is effortlessly received","witty yet profound", "rich and chilled", "fresh and rich both musically & lyrically", "gem of an album", "inspirational quality of the tracks", "there isn't really a weak one on here".

Played at a festival where my former accountant was helping to cook the food for the bands. (This is true.) He always was good at cooking (the books) (joke).

Played at New Springs a couple of weeks ago. Fab place and great people.

Oh yeah we've been listening to some hard-core rap music. Couldn't help that though, it was blasting out a car a couple of streets away.

I think that's it for the moment.
New Album: 'Too Twitchy'by Lewis Management
Too Twitchy has been received very well in its first week or two of life.

BBC Radio presenter Geoff Howlett said it has "Blues influences - very modern sound. Paul works his lyrical magic into some very good songs."

Another BBC presenter Blair Jacobs said "Oooh, I like it"

RockChick said, "Cracking album"

Radio stations across the world have added it to their playlist.

Polish Blues-On-Line said "Paul Poulton is exceptional guitarist very."

Too Twitchy is mainly about relationships, boy/girl, friendships and loneliness. The blues features on this album, it's always been Paul's favourite genre and got him playing guitar in the first place. The blues is of course divine medicine for the broken and downtrodden, a gift to strengthen and heal. It helps us see life from another perspective.

Kansas radio station KCOR have a blues show with the coolest dj in the entire world Terry Knott, the show is sydicated to a number of stations. Terry has been playing some of the pre-release tracks from Too Twitchy and says he loves it and that he can hear a Kinks feel in the music. Well, Ray Davies has always been an inspiration to the PPP. And they have been known to play one or two Kinks songs live. North Carolina Blues 'N Boogie radio say "proud to have Paul join the Blues 'N Boogie family!" And Rockzion Extreme Radio are playing tracks they say LISTEN TO THE " PAUL POULTON PROJECT" ON ROCKZION EXTREME RADIO!

Too Twitchy is available for download on iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon etc... but there are some CDs available from this site on the merchandise page.
Why Am I So Uglyby Paul Poulton
Last week Paul and the Projectors made their way to the north of England. We heard that the promoter of the concerts had blitzed the buses with our pictures and sure enough we soon saw our ugly mushes looking out at the poor townsfolk of Manchester. Why oh why were we born so ugly? As I walked around the town people did seem to be looking at me, I put my sunglasses on. Huh, I've worked all my life to get famous and then when people start to recognise me I want to disguise myself. They could also have been looking at me because coupled with the ugliness I have a nasty habit of belching very loudly every 15 seconds, but I think it was because they saw the posters. The gigs themselves went sportingly, held at the plush Sheridan Suite, the Lord Mayor of Manchester sat on the front row for one of them and a big crowd gathered each night. From Manchester we went on to Oxfordshire to perform at the prestigious but small venue The Brasenose, which features many fine musicians at its weekly Saturday night gigs. Oh yeah, also did a quick gig in Stafford at the Costa Cafe. Then it was back into the studio, we start recording at 8:30am, unusual for musicians eh? Aron Bicskey on drums has been excelling himself with some dazzling drumming, the new album is sounding great to us. In fact we have been listening to it for pleasure rather than work, that's unusual too, normally when musicians spend a lot of time in the studio they don't want to hear what's been recorded until the next time they go into the studio, but not with this album. 'Too Twitchy' captures the fat blues chugging machine that the band have become. In addition to guitar, bass and drums, Chris Smith's piano parts add the icing to the thick layers of rhythmic cake. I've written the lyrics only from inspiration, I don't write songs until I'm inspired. Then I reach down to the depths of my human psyche so that each song will stand repeated plays until the full depth of meaning is wrung from them. The album will be out soon. Blurb but true!

Projectingby Lewis Management
Paul & The Projectors recently performed at a big Gospel concert in Lancashire, they were the only white faces performing that night, but what’s colour got to do with it? It was one of the loudest concerts on record, lots of fun though and plenty of praise. The Project enjoy taking gospel, reggae and funky songs and give them their own treatment.
The band’s imaginary friend has been knocking the door at rehearsals, but they were busy and told him they couldn't see him.  He got a bit angry but today’s a new day so they hope he will forgive and forget.
The “Too Big” video has been getting played, Netshows who also have a TV station featured it as their main video, other TV companies have been getting in touch for info about it.
In answer to some of the rumours that have been going around the band want to say: “We've been told that rock music can cause mental trauma, well we're alright we don't have any dain bramage.”
Some people and venues in the US have been asking about a 2010 tour for the Paul and the band, they last toured the US in 2009 so the next probable US dates will be 2011 DV.
The band recently wrote an epitaph for a blues singer: "I Didn't Wake Up This Morning".  What do you think?
Lewis Management try to keep all of Paul’s albums in print in one way or another, they continue to sell all eleven of them. It’s nice when people check out and buy the back catalogue, all the albums received some good reviews and have been selling since they were first released.
As well as playing at larger events Paul and the boyz also like to take opportunities to play places where bands don’t normally go. Tonight will be a gig at a drop-in centre for people who have dependency problems. “We like to go where no band has been before” they say, “even if there’s no or little money in it.” All of these gigs won’t appear in the gig listings they’re not that type of event, but a way for them to reach out to people who need some help.
Some people have been saying lately that the only reason they log into their MySpace account is to read the Paul Poulton Project daily status update, well okay, we here at Lewis Man like MySpace because it's great for music but if you want to get another angle on the PPP daily Smart Alec Statement here's Paul's facebook page
Paul Poulton

Too Bigby Lewis Managment
Touring In All Its Gloryby Paul Poulton
Have you seen the TV ad for Swine Flu? Someone goes into a lift and sneezes on the buttons, then the next person who goes into the lift presses the buttons and gets ill. Since we saw that ad we haven't been in an elevator once. And guess what? We haven't caught Swine Flu.

It's important we keep well while touring, especially through December, we've driven through snow and wind to concerts and covered a lot of miles. We play jokes on each other to keep ourselves amused: when I'm driving I scare my passenger, who has just woken up, by closing my eye nearest to them, put my head slightly back and mouth open. Haaa! It works well.

The concerts themselves have been fun, we seem to have done a lot, squeezing in two gigs a day at least once a week throughout December. We had a cool gig at the Palladium Club in Devon, we went on stage at 9:45pm, played for an hour, had an interval then played for another 50 mins and did an encore. It ended up being a late night, next morning we had to travel 90 miles to the next venue. It's been like that all the way through this tour. We have some time to sleep in January though.

We played at a Church centre called The Purple Sheep Centre in Weston Super Mare, UK. What a gig, and what a place and what an audience. We try to remind people about the true spirit of Christmas and have fun. We have played at all sorts of venues. We are crazy musicians at a party, it turned into a food throwing fight. We didn't know where the next meal was coming from. We sleep in beds in hotels, houses, kitchens with growling dogs, fierce cats, we've had cockroaches falling on us from ceilings but it's what we do and do it joyfully. We spend hours together as a band and have never fallen out, but have fun as we try to spread God's love around.

We go back in the studio in 2010, for the next album which will think will be called "Too Twitchy". We're talking about another US tour later in the year. I've also been writing when I get a few mins. Check out the and go to blogs. And also for some interesting articles by Paul Poulton.

And lastly I'm not a conspiracy theorist but it would help if the local authorities stopped drilling little holes into the walls of our houses so they can peep through them and watch us.

No I'm not a conspiracy theorist but that's just what they want you to think.


Have a prosperous 2010, grace and peace to you all.

PPP in the USAby Paul Poulton
We flew from England to America, an eight hour flight, unfortunately the flight attendant said the toilets were out of order, but by way of recompense for our inconvenience they would be serving free drinks all the way to the USA. Not many people took up their offer, we wonder why?
When we landed at Chicago they asked if we we were from Great Britain, we are always a bit shy that we call our country "Great" so we said, "well actually were from England which is a part of the UK of which Great Britain...." at this point they interrupted us and told us to go through customs. So we said "Ok, well, we stand up for the national anthem, we drink tea and eat fish'n'chips". Those were all the customs we could think of.
So we did the first gig of the tour in Fairborn, Ohio. Good audience and a nice venue the whole concert rocked. We found out that people in America seem interested in England, particularly the Queen. "It is true", I told them, "we love our Queen so much we even named one of our best rock bands after her". I also said that every English man carries a picture of the Queen around with him. I pulled out a five pound note and showed them my picture of the Queen. After the gig someone asked me if they could buy my picture of the Queen and offered me $7, so I sold it. Someone else who was watching this exchange asked me if I had another, I searched my pockets and found out that I did indeed have another five pound note, they offered me $10 for it, so I sold it. I could have started my very own currency exchange business if only I had taken more five pound notes with me.
We always find American people to be very hospitable and welcoming, we made some good friends. It was also great to meet some of our MySpace friends at the concerts too. We like to reach out to people and always feel that we should spread some love around.
We enjoyed our gig at Reggies Music Joint in Chicago, it was a lot of fun and the Chicago people had ordered some rain just to make us feel at home.
It was a very busy tour, on one day we had four engagements to fulfil; we didn't get a lot of sleep but made up for it when we got home. Stuart who plays drums slept for 19 hours straight through, I (Paul) managed 12 hours, not sure about Ross. When we got back to our wives and families I said those three precious words to my wife that are sure to make her love me more: "Let's go shopping".
This was our 7th tour of the US, we have been asked back and do love to go over. By the way that was a joke about the toilets, that's one thing you should know about us we like laughing. Ha ha ha ha ha, hee hee hee.
Good Gigsby Paul Poulton
Gigs have been going really well lately, lots of fun and we've made some new friends. The gig at the Arts Cafe in Maidenhead, was special, this was the Paul Poulton Project's return visit, we played there about a year ago. During sound-check Richard, who works at the BBC, did some camera work for a video, you can see the results on our MySpace site,(Links on this page) and it must be said that Richard did a sterling job.

We also performed at Riga's. Wow, what a PA system they have there. We rocked everyone's socks off. (If you were there please go to 'lost property' to retrieve your socks).

A performance at the Tackeroo was also fun.

We try to help and encourage people with the music and concerts.

Joshua Hauser recently wrote: "The best description I can think of to describe the music overall is that it is subtly uplifting. It goes over the negative and then moves towards the positive. I guess you could say it's insidiously or insinuatively inspiring. The message of hope just sort of creeps up on you. It's not blatant or obvious. Right now I am digging it."

Thanks Joshua, we like that. Giving hope to people is where we're at. And remember what it says in the bible, "Where there is life, there is hope".
Sound Checkby Lewis Management
The Picture is of Paul and Ross at sound check before the Darlington December concert. It was a fab gig at which Celtic singer Viv Neville opened the show. The Paul Poulton Project did a song with Viv. There was also an auction in the interval that raised nearly £1000 for Rwandan orphans. Paul's wife went to Africa to see the work at the orphanage and help distribute some essentials like mattresses and food etc...

The PPP's are booked to tour the US again this summer. They have had people asking about going to Florida and California, but the band won't be able to make those areas this time, but they will be in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio.

Thanks to everyone who has been down loading the new album "Looking For Someone To Blame". iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon are among the well known sites where the album or tracks from the album can be downloaded. Click on the links in the Breaking News section.

Bye for now talk to you later OK?

P.S. When the band are on the road they sometimes leave a tip on the restaurant table but only for a few seconds, just to see what it feels like.

It feels good!

Christmas Tourby Lewis Management
Thanks to BBC Radio 2 who gave us a couple of mentions on the Christmas tour. They've also let us know that they are considering track from "Looking For Someone To Blame", we think it's "Don't Blame Me".

The Paul Poulton Project have just finished an excellent Christmas tour, all the concerts were fun and went extremely well. The tour started on 30 Nov 2008 and went through to the last gig on Dec 31st New Year's Eve at St Michael Le Belfrey. We are reliably informed that the audience for the New Year's Eve gig was 1,579 people who were inside and listened to the band. There was a large crowd outside too, about 3000 in the Minster area, the PA outside fed the crowd the music that was going on inside. (Special thanks to the band's agent, Noel Donaldson on helping arrange the St Mike's gigs.)

The line up for this year's tour was Ross Lander: Bass/Vocals, Stuart Bulsara: Drums and Paul Poulton Guitar/Vocals. Emily Harding who played drums for a while is now working for a record company, we wish her well. Stuart has fitted into the band nicely. He's 20 years old and studied at the famous Drum Tech in London. He's also some sort of relative to another famous Bulsara, (Freddie Mercury) who you may remember was born Farrokh Bulsara.

Reviews have been appearing for the new album, "Looking For Someone To Blame", all excellent reviews too.

"Difficult to pigeon hole the Paul Poulton Project. I guess that’s just one of the thing’s I like about it. 8/10."

"Gem after Gem from Paul's pen, covering a range of subjects"

"this is guitar-driven music from start to finish, tightly executed" 9/10
New Albumby Lewis Management
The new CD "Looking For Someone To Blame" will be available in stores across the USA and worldwide. It will also be available through on-line retailers like Amazon, Borders, and many smaller independents.

Digital downloads of the album will also be available from Apple iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, etc.

If you live in the UK the quickest way to get a copy is from the merchandise page of this web site.

The recording went smoothly and the members of the Paul Poulton Project are excited about the new music. Nic Burrows who played drums on some of the tracks (along with Joe Blanks) said it's the most enjoyable album he has ever worked on.

Paul said, "We had a great time recording the songs, the air was crackling with creativity as we went about the serious business of making music".

Reports so far from those who have heard the demos have been very enthusiastic. The title is "Looking For Someone To Blame". The last album, "Dumb Dogs" did really well and received some great comments but the band think that "Looking For Someone To Blame" surpasses anything we've done before. The textures are richer, the lyrics deeper and the melodies and parts are er... more hum-able.

It has taken several months to complete the album, it was hard work but everyone involved was inspired each day of the recording, the project never sagged or lacked zeal at any point.

Let us know what you think of it.
News Just Inby Lewis Management
The Rugeley gig was a great success, all tickets sold and other people came who paid on the door. The place was heaving, it was a great atmosphere. The gig started at 7:20pm and finished at 11:30pm. What a gig!

The new CD, "Looking For Someone To Blame" is nearing completion. The trouble is we spend so much time laughing in the studio, it's wonder we get any work done.

We are becoming celebrities on MySpace with so many MySpacers looking forward to our daily status reports. We've been asked if they can be published in a book. Here's a few recent ones.

>Paul Poulton Project have been eating rice cakes which is a bit like chewing on a foam coffee cup, only less filling.

>Paul Poulton Project are old school when it comes to having babies, because in the old system the man didn't have to watch.

>Paul Poulton Project are an angry rock'n'roll band who spit venom and vitriol, but that doesn't mean we don't want world peace.

>Paul Poulton Project are wary of people who start a sentence by saying, "Can I be honest with you?" We say "No, just keep on telling us lies."

>Paul Poulton Project need to eat more fruit and berries, does the jam inside a doughnut count?

>Paul Poulton Project memorise the little letters on the last two lines of the eye chart as soon as we walk into the room, so when the Optician asks us to read them we get them right.

Okay that's enought for now. If you want to see any more become our MySpace friends and you'll get to read a new one every day.

This year's Christmas tour is almost full. We have a lot of fun on the tour each year and try to remind people that the spirit of Christmas isn't in fact whiskey.

Oh yeah, look our for an article that Paul wrote called "The Bible For Dummies", it's included in the online magazine
July Datesby Lewis Management
A music download site called is getting a lot of publicity at the moment. It'll be in a Sunday paper this weekend. They have asked the Paul Poulton Project to be one of the few rock bands they will be promoting on the site. "Don't Blame Me" is number five in the rock chart.

The Paul Poulton Project 2008, featuring Ross Lander:bass/vocals, Emily Harding:drums and Paul Poulton:guitar/vocals have been having a whale of a time playing a variety of venues. The Railway gig in Hull was a part of HOPE 08 and went swimmingly. Emily is such a fine drummer and has added her own dimension to the band's music.

The band also recently played at St Michael Le Belfrey, what a posh venue and such a nice setting. The set started at about 8:10pm and finished about 11:10pm, the audience stayed for the whole thing, God bless them, it was a very relaxed concert.

It was then off to Huddersfield where the band were supposed to be playing at Dawn's New Music Venue, but the gig had to be cancelled. So Noel Donaldson our trusty, hard-working, knight-in-shining-armour, agent, quickly put his skills to work and arranged not one but two extra performances at Huddersfield. So thanks Noel, you did us pround man!

So July has been a good month so far. It's back into the studio now to finish the new album: "Looking For Someone To Blame".

European Datesby Lewis Management
Here's a photo of Emily at a recent gig. The gig went extremely well. Emily has been standing in for Joe Blanks and doing such a fine job of it. The music has changed but the new direction is cool, we've had some very encouraging comments from people. Check out some of the new songs on if you get a few mins. Let us know what you think of them.

The PPP European agent, Ralf, (all round nice guy) is arranging dates in Europe. He has constructed a web site in German and English you can see it at

The new CD is well under way, much graft (and tuna fish sandwiches) in the studio is paying off. There is still someway to go but it shouldn't be too long before the CD which is called "Looking For Some One To Blame" is out.

We've released a radio single from it and comments from DJs so far are,

"Excellent what can I say." Jeff Kirby, Radio Calderdale

"Nice guitar" Bill Rowe, Radio Poplar & City Sound Radio

"V Good" Radio Beiaard (Belgium)

"This could really make it, great song" 3MDR 97.1FM Australia

"This had something from the first bar." Steve Bridges, Radio Cherwell

There's more but we don't want to bore you all.

The band are having a break in June but we're arranging a few English gigs for July.

Emily Harding steps in for Lewis Management
Cool drummer, Emily Harding (The Nuemes) is doing some gigs with the Paul Poulton Project, while Joe has some other commitments.

Emily is also starting a percussion company called "Offbeat Percussion" particulary aimed at female drummers. But she may, (if you ask nicely) let the grubby, dopey male drummers buy something too.

The picture is of Paul, Emily and Ross in Liverpool University Music Library. All those profound and ancient music books to look at and Ross was reading the NME. Huh!
Reviews of Dumb Dogsby Lewis Management
Here's a few reviews of the new Paul Poulton Project CD, Dumb Dogs. It's from the NEVER FOR NOTHING Fanzine

PAUL POULTON PROJECT : Dumb Dogs. (Temporary Music)

"I have to confess to have been looking forward to the release of this cd, this being the first that Paul has released with his current band and particularly the superb Joe Blanks on drums. Paul’s desire is that this album is a closer representation of their live sound and, having heard them live earlier this year, I think he has managed to achieve that. It has more energy than 2005’s “Affected” and coupled with a batch of great songs, it is an excellent album all round. Paul’s unique and bold lyrical approach is finely represented on songs such as “Take the Rubbish Out” - the immortal line “my wife is busy looking in the Argos catalogue” makes me chuckle every time - and one has to admire his ability to attempt things lyrically that in the hands of the less experienced would just sound naff. The songs really groove well too, a nice mix of rock, blues and funk topped with Paul’s inimitable vocal style. Overall, I have a sense that Paul shows no sign of slowing down and continues to produce music of a quality that we have come to expect. In a market swamped by a lack of imagination and constant regurgitation, the Paul Poulton Project is a refreshing change."


Warren Harry.

>Here's another review from the Crossrhythms website: Reviewed by Philip Croft<

"I saw The Paul Poulton Project earlier this year along with over 1,000 other people at event called Psalms Alive 2007 in Sheffield and I'm pleased to say that this album is every bit as good as the live performances. The band's songs have a cheeky, quirky humour that shows through in song titles like "I Don't Know Bob Dylan" and "Everything Is Falling To Bits" but the real strength of the band shows through on the numbers where there's plenty of chunky blues/rock guitar. I tried very hard to think of somebody to compare PPP to and every time the name Steve Miller came to mind, though really I think these guys are just doing their own thing and doing it very, very well.


Paul Poulton Project - I Don't Know Bob Dylan
From 'Dumb Dogs'
A set of interlocking guitar riffs conceived by veteran Midlands songsmith Poulton able supported by his funky bassman and mad-yet-extremely-gifted drummer. It's a deliciously funky, bluesy groove allowed to build and build (it weighs in at an impressive seven and a half minutes long) while the throwaway lyric is Poulton at his laconic best. With his brilliant band members Poulton is in the most creative period of his life though it's only rumour that Mr Dylan is to record "I Don't Know Larry Norman".
Tony Cummings

Christianity Magazine:
Dumb Dogs

Paul Poulton Project

After two decades of gigging, Poulton’s 10th full album brings to us a warm, guitar-driven rock set, sometimes funky, sometimes bluesy. At times you can picture him strumming away some catchy riffs on the verandah of a wooden homestead in Alabama as the sun sets, such as in ‘Take the Rubbish out’. Poulton picked up the tag of the English Larry Norman, and whilst not synonymous, I recommend Dumb Dogs to Larry fans. Lyrically we have commentary on Christian living, anectodal stuff, and some simple messages such as ‘Get in the Spirit’. There are three cover songs; the Monkees’ ‘I’m a Believer’ which rocks along nicely; a rock version of ‘Angels from the Realms of Glory’ which actually works (just!) and Swing Low (Sweet Chariot). If you’re a balding Christian guitarist and Paul Poulton popped over to your pad, then he’d have you jamming these tunes in no time.

High: Wonderful guitar work on the opener ‘I don’t know Bob Dylan’.

Low: ‘Swing Low’, doesn’t adapt too well to the Poulton makeover.

Reviewed by Kevin Elliott, a sometime DJ and veteran volunteer youthworker in Cheltenham.
Dumb Dogsby Lewis Manangement
So "Dumb Dogs" is here. These songs have been played up and down the country in all sorts of venues: blues bars, rock venues, arenas, hotels and church halls in fact anywhere there is a bunch of people. The overall reaction has been very encouraging, people clambering over tables and chairs to get a copy of Dumb Dogs, only to find it hadn't been released yet. Well now it has so we can put you all out of your misery. It contains the songs we play at the gigs that so many of you have enthused about. The famous Joe Blanks on drums, the amazing Ross Lander on Bass, and riff king Paul Poulton on guitar and vocals, he also wrote most of the songs too.

Email us if you want a copy of Dumb Dogs.

Also don't forget to checkout our MySpace site.

New Albumby Lewis Management
The new Paul Poulton Project CD is taking shape and will soon be ready to unleash on the unsuspecting population of planet earth. The title of the CD looks like being "Dumb Dogs".

Joe Blanks from BBC TV's "Let Me Entertain You" fame has been putting live drums down. The songs, most of which are original, will reflect the material the band have been performing in rock venues lately. The songs have been received with lots of enthusiasm by audiences around the country. A reviewer from The Blues Bar in Harrogate said, "Excellent original material... I only came in for a drink after work and ended up staying all night to listen to every last song."
MySpaceby Lewis Managment
Don't forget to come on over to

Paul has been offered a place in this year's London Marathon (22 April 2007).

Places in the London marathon are hard to get as its the most popular marathon in the world. Paul is running it to help raise some funds for a Christian charity who have been helping orphans in Rwanda. The orphans are growing up now and are teenagers which brings its own set of problems, so the charity is still with them through this phase of their life. The charity is called RSVP and is run by the Anglican minister Don Egan.

The RSVP trust has a range of projects in Rwanda. More info at:

Go to and give online, mention (by email) that it's for the Paul Poulton Marathon run.

The Paul Poulton Project recently played at a 1000 seater areana in Sheffield as part of Psalms Alive 2007. The venue was full and the audience were up for it. The festival is a three day event and the PPP played Sat and Sun. It was a great couple of days.

A day of music will be held in London on 24th June 2007.

The event is the brain-child of Alwyn Wall well known singer/songwriter.

The event, has a line up which so far includes The Zealots, (UK) The Chuck Butler Band, (US) The Paul Poulton Project, (UK) plus contemporary jazz band Kairos Ensemble, (UK) Special guest will be guitar virtuoso Norman Barratt who will be playing songs with Alwyn's Band.

The venue is:

Westminster City School
Palace Street

If you haven't seen the "Too Many Things To Worry About" video here it is.

After being politely nagged, The Paul Poulton Project finally got round to putting something on MySpace. And surprisingly it turns out to be a great place to be, make friends and influence people, and be influenced, (that's important).

NEWayz the band's mySpace is

You are cordially invited to join in listen and download songs, join the blogs etc... and make friends. Come on over to MySpace!

We'll put the address in links so you can go straight there.

Too Many Things To Worry Aboutby CinM
Paul went into the studio last week to record the new radio single, "Too Many Things To Worry About", it's not officially released to the radio stations until Dec 1st but there are stations playing it already.

And guess what? You can see a video of it, right here, right now.

News is that Joe Blanks, the amazing drummer from the BBC TV show, "Let Me Entertain You", will be playing drums on the December tour.
Paul says that, "Joe is an excellent modern drummer, he's 17 years old and bursting with creative energy. I'm really pleased he's playing on the tour." It's Joe playing drums on the Video. Why not check it out, you know what to do by now don't you?

Keeping Trackby CinM
6487 hits on this site last month, that's a lot of hits, where are they all coming from?

Paul has been getting around a bit lately, two gigs in Spain stand out: The band played from 9:30pm until 1:15am, (they like to stay up late in Spain). The venue was next to the Mediterranean Sea, the audience were into the funky grooves and wouldn't go home. So the band played on and on and on; it was a special couple of nights. Music is such a great common denominator, bringing people together whatever country they're from. Music is one of God's special gifts to the world. But Paul didn't use only music to commnunicate, he does speak some Spanish and used it to make some good friends.

From Spain it was off to London to play in Westminster three times in quick succession. Bing Bang Bosh!

The Kettering Big Tent gig went well, local dignitaries etc... turned up. It was quite windy, and at one stage the tent almost took off, but spirits were high and it only added to the fun of the event.

The Paul Poulton Project has a new drummer, it's Ed Freitas, who has just finished a tour with the legendary punk band "The Straps". Ed holds the "World Record for the Longest Drum Roll" and runs the ‘World’s Fastest Drummer’ organisation in the UK. How about that then?

So for all you new friends, thanks for checking out the web site and please keep in touch.

Summer Gigsby CinM
Well stuff has been happeing.

Things have been going down.

Waddaya mean? "Waddaya mean?"

Okay well if you must know, The Key club in Ipswich is a nice venue, owned by some Christians and used for gigs and meals etc... Good audience too, they buy tickets and then turn up and listen: can you believe it?

After the Key and a nice Bed and Breakfast it was off to Bromsgrove, where Paul and band played on the village green, two sets very warmly received. What's more the band were given free access to the biggest cake stall you have ever seen, which is where they spent most of their time between sets.

Paul's publisher Primo Music, have been approached by an American record company, who want their own artist (she's famous in the US, and has an even more famous sister, that's all the clues we can give), to record Paul's version of "Angels From..." Hmmm, this plot is getting thicker.

The Kettering Big Tent gig coming up, funded by the government, should be fun for the Paul Poulton Project, not sure about the government though.

On Fathers Day Paul did a gig at a local church in Staffs, his mates came to see him, they liked it and said they would like to visit the church again. Paul told a story about Isaac, "Dad can I have another glass of water?", "I've only just given you one", "Yeah but the first one didn't put the fire out in my bedroom".
Salt 'n' Lightby CinM
It was hot, it was sweaty, it was the Berry Hill club late Spring 2006. The gig started at 8:30pm and finished at 11:15pm, (with an interval). The band had played two encores but still the audience wanted more, but come on give a band a break, a line has to be drawn somewhere surely, you can’t Rock’n’Roll all night, can you?

Being “salt and light” is important, those who turn many to righteousness will shine like the stars in the heavens. It’s mostly churches or concert halls the Project get to play, but clubs can be a lot of fun and a chance to spread God’s love around. Two lads in the audience were flying to Iraq for their stint on the front line, Paul told them and the audience that our prayers would be with them.

Sometimes it's just being with people that counts, before we can talk to people of Christ we have to talk to people.

More band gigs are afoot, check them out if you get a chance these boyz R hot, (and a little bit sweaty).

Back In The Studioby CinM
Primo Music are looking to get "Angels From..." released as a single to the pop market Nov/Dec (2006). It's been remixed from the album version and now sounds hotter than the album version. Of which Crossrhythms said:

"Down the years hundreds of attempts have been made to graft contemporary elements into the Christmas carols but few have done it as brilliantly as the Midlands rock gospel journeyman manages on "Angels From The Realms Of Glory"....

So it's sounding pretty fab at the moment. It has more guitar, fatter vocals, bigger chorus, new arrangement and some tasty samples.

The Christmas tour itself went like a bomb, (that's a good thing, for US readers) especially when the Bedfordshire oil tanker blew up and shook the band in their hotel beds. The gigs were so much fun, with all sorts of people joining Paul and the Project on stage.

While Paul was in the studio working on "Angels From..." he also started work on a guitar based version of "I'm A Believer", which is always such a high point in concerts.
Stuff!by CinM
Paul recorded several songs for TV Channel R Music (Sky 676) to be broadcast over the next few months, with repeats on their R Music show.
BBC (Local TV) also want to film some of the Christmas tour.

Radio stations have been letting him know they will be playing songs from "Grooves 4 Scrooge" and could they arrange an interview please if it's not too much trouble. One live interview is going out on BBC Radio Stoke 8:30am Sunday Dec 18th. CJOA Radio in Canada, have put 7 tracks from "Grooves 4 Scrooge" on their December playlist. The Bedford Christmas Concert is being recorded for broadcast on two radio stations.

A local club asked Paul to play with his band, "The Project". They were told to finish at 11.30pm, but lads being lads, they carried on for longer. When they finally finished the crowd then called out for more, it ended up being a late late night.

A local church asked him to do a gig at the local shopping centre on a Saturday morning for the shoppers. It turned out to be a bright sunny day and people stopped, sat down and listened to the songs and whatever it was he was going on about.

Oh yeah, R Music TV are also helping to distribute two of Paul's albums, with promotion on the box.

What else has been happening?

Fab gigs as usual. Need to mention the Birmingham gig, several young people at the front of the audience were playing excellent "air" guitar, to the delight of the band. Paul invited five of them on stage and they all played along on their "air" instruments. The Project were so impressed with them they decided to call the new band "The Air Heads". The audience approved.

Paul has been talking to Primo Music about releasing "Angels From..." next Christmas (2006) as a single. They said it could be a Christmas hit is marketed right.

PP was also asked to a school harvest festival to sing. The local vicar would be there and the local Newspaper to take a pic. He didn't know any "Thank You" type songs so he wrote one. Dyawanna see it?

Okay - here's a bit of it...

I'm grateful for the things You've done
I'm grateful for the moon and sun
I'm grateful for the land and sea
I'm glad You made the law of gravity
To float would be a weird feeling
We might hit our heads on the ceiling
And we would need a lot of bandages
I'm glad that You know best.

The kids laughed a lot, as each successive verse got a bit crazier.

Wonder what the vicar thought?

>CD Sales<
"Grooves 4 Scrooge" has been selling well. With multiple orders coming of up to six at a time.
Christmas in Summerby Paul Poulton
It's a weird thing recording Christmas songs in the middle of summer. Chris, the studio engineer, decorated the control room with Christmas trimmings so we could get into the mood. Now we know what Christmas must be like Down Under.

The recordings have gone supremely well. They Rock, Kick, Groove and Float, we've had a blast recording them. The band will soon be limbering up for touring, rehearsals start soon.

Check out the new Christmas CD “Grooves 4 Scrooge” and avoid a visit from Jacob Marley.

And don't say "Humbug" right? Or those chains will be rattlin' all the way to your bedroom door, just as you are settling down with a Batchelors cup of soup.


It's the beginning of wisdom!
Grooves 4 Scroogeby Paul Poulton
Perfect Timingby Paul Poulton
At 5:45am I step out of the door, leaving my wife and little boy - as warm as the proverbial toast - safe and snug in bed, I'm off to Heathrow. First, my band members need to be picked up. We all seem to be able to throw light on issues, coming from different backgrounds. Being together in a closely confined space for any length of time is also a great way to grow in grace and patience.

We are off to the USA on tour. God needs to help us, if one link in this long chain of travel is broken, we'll miss our first concert. Once on board the plane, Matt checks out all the films on show for the eight hours we'll be stuck in the aluminium tube.

We land safely in New York, and make our way through customs where I am always relieved of any fruit I may be carrying. Trying to replace my fruit in America is not as easy as you think. We wandered around a market, where there were 'mechanically recovered meat' delicacies aplenty... but no fruit. Eventually, Matt spotted a tiny stall with a selection of apples, bananas etc… So I bought the stall. Well, almost.

We pick up the rental car and headed over the toll bridge towards Staten Island. I'm driving and somehow end up at the wrong tollbooth. A New York cop asks me if I have an "easy-tag"? What's that? I haven't even got a hard tag. "That will be three dollars more", he explains. It's been a long day, we lost 5 hours in flight and have to perform in New Jersey at 8:00pm: which is 1:00am to our body clocks. We arrive at the venue: the Deep End Café. It's run by a lovely bunch of people who greet us like old friends a feed us with mammoth size pizzas. Americans are so welcoming, I like them a lot.

We stay overnight in a large picturesque house, only two spare bedrooms though, one of us has to sleep on the couch, who's it to be? I volunteer, but make a mental note that Ian and Matt owe me one. Then my thoughts turn to another English man, John Wesley, who travelled through America often on foot. He spent one cold night in an open field, and woke up with his breeches (trousers) stiff with frost, but with no ill effect and continued his journey. I cross out my mental note and thank God for His providence and go to sleep.

In the morning, I hear a lady's deep voice saying "D'ya like meat boyz?" I make my way to the kitchen where I find such a fine display of breakfast edibles, it would make breakfast in any hotel in Majorca look mean fare. We have to get on the road early again making our way to the next venue in Pennsylvania. People thank us for coming all the way from "Ingerland". That night we stay in the Super 8 Motel, which was nice but "Super" maybe going that bit too far.

So the pattern of the tour is established. After one concert in a certain café; we were told that the kitchen of the venue was to be our bedroom for the night. It was a large kitchen but had no windows, so when the florescent lights went out it was pitch black. Ian and Matt lay down on the floor, I was on a sofa; we went to sleep. I heard a voice calling my name, I sprang up and put the blinding lights on. The voice belonged to Matt; a giant cockroach had been nibbling his hand as he slept. The invertebrate must have thought it was his birthday: seeing five warm human digits in his back yard. Unfortunately for the little crustacean - but fortunately for the human - eating living fingers tends to wake the human they belong to up, as was the case with my drummer. We hurriedly followed the little beast around the kitchen in a frenzied chase, with mattresses and cushions flying in the air as he tried make good his escape. Finally the sole of my shoe landed squarely on his crunching body. With all that excitement and knowing that our little friend may have brothers and sisters roaming about looking for a take-away, it wasn't easy to sleep. We killed a total of three cockroaches that night. The final score being Paul 2 - Ian 1. Yes a good pair of shoes will certainly help you should you ever play, what we now call, the "Cockroach Café".

We gradually made our way from New York to Chicago. The tour was hard work but great fun. Before we set out I read a Psalm which says, "may all your plans succeed", they did, everything dove-tailed together perfectly. God's good at that.

USA Tour 2003by Paul Poulton
We played an outdoor concert Sat afternoon in Chicago, Some one shouted "You guy's rock", "Yeah we can play rock'n'roll" I said and started "Route 66", which has the line "It winds from Chicago to LA". After we finished the song I asked "well where is it? Don't write songs about roads that don't exist OK? And another thing where's Gotham City?"
Summer News 2002by CinM
Fab time was had by all on the 2002 American tour, when I heard my songs on the car radio I tried to resist the temptation to splutter out in a feverish frenzied voice: "HEY! THAT'S ME ON THE RADIO", but failed miserably. I took Lorraine and Isaac with me, 5 year old Isaac asked if he could sing a song with me on stage. So we tried it and it worked well, the audience loved his dancing too, so much so that he would steal the show and it would take another 20mins for me to steal it back. He asked me if he could help to sell my CD's after the gig, I said "sure". When I came to get the money from him he told me that it was his money, I said "but they are my CD's" he replied "yes, but I sold them, so it's my money". Tonight I have a concert in Birmingham England, I asked Isaac if he wants to come and sing a song with me, he said "if I sing with you that means I'm working doesn't it?" "Er yes I suppose so," I said warily, "well, am I going to get paid then"? What can I say?

After the US trip it was off to Scotland for five days, England were playing Argentina in the world cup, in Glasgow the Scottish lads were supporting Argentina, I passed one group young men and one had an Argentinian shirt on. I kept my English mouth shut. At least the signs on the Scottish motorways have gone now, someone used to spray paint the motorway bridges especially for us English, wishing us a nice journey home and things like that.


Paul's new band played carols with attitude last December. Matt Wallace on drums, (Matt plays with hot band Dropknee,) and Ian Price on Bass, (Ian's played with many well known artists). The band's chemistry worked extremely well, it would be good to see this band on the road, which may happen soon.

Matt was also in Paul's line up for the Birmingham Larry Norman concert, which was a great night. Paul picked up Larry that day in London, along with Larry's two sisters and Dougie Adams, Dougie was writing a book about Larry's UK appearances. Larry sat in the front with his leg on the dash board, he'd hurt his ankle running for the Magical Mystery Tour bus in Liverpool. Last time Paul and Larry met they spoke about JFK and CSLewis as it was the anniversary of their deaths, but this time the conversation was mostly "ouches" from Larry, who was trying to get his foot into a comfy position.

Paul opened the show at the Convention Centre with his band, it was a lot of fun. The evening was very relaxed, Larry hobbled out on crutches, not for the first time in the UK. His set was enthusiastically received, and he managed to stand for a while but the pain was making him feel sick so he grabbed a stool, and sat down. Larry always gives himself totally to the audience, despite the discomfort he was still going strong at 11:30pm and asked Paul Poulton's Project back on stage, they played some of Larry's well know songs.

The relaxed feel continued throughout the band section, with Larry laughing at some sections of the audience who couldn't clap in time, then he looked over at Paul who was playing "Why Don't You Look Into Jesus" and shouted "this song is in A minor not A major", "Oh" said Paul, but Larry didn't seemed to mind anyone ruining his songs.

Larry gave a lot of merchandise away at the end of the gig, which ended very late, for anyone who thought it might have lasted one or two hours. In the early hours of the morning Larry, Dougie and Paul were searching Birmingham City Centre for a Fish 'n' Chip shop.

Paul has concerts in the States in May, Scotland and England in June, Portugal in July and will be at the South Hant's Bible Camp too. (DV) of course.