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PAUL POULTON : Genesis for Ordinary People. (Resource Publications : ISBN 9781625649300)

Genesis for Ordinary People is the second book from singer-songwriter and guitarist, Paul Poulton, following on from his debut publication in 2008, Fishing For Praise. The first book represented a more obvious subject matter the author – it seemed fitting that a Christian musician should write a book about praise – but this volume seems to be a less obvious choice. However, it reveals that there is more to Paul than just music. Those who have been regular readers of his regular Crossrhythms’ column or have heard him speak will understand that Paul is more than just a one trick pony when it comes to communicating the Christian message. Tackling Genesis is a good yet bold choice. It has come under fire in recent years from non-believers who have used it to undermine Christianity and even the existence of God. Paul however, using a mix of apologetics, hermeneutics and a knack for communicating complex ideas in an accessible way, manages to cut through some of the misinformation and, dare I say, misinterpretation, the latter of which has not been confined to secular circles. No book on Genesis could perhaps be complete without touching on the Science v Religion debate and whilst Paul does devote a chapter to it, it thankfully does not dominate and the reader is allowed to appreciate Genesis for what it is without being distracted by an argument that often-times is not relevant or helpful. Paul is at pains to explain Genesis in the context of God’s salvation plan and therefore in the context of all of scripture rather than treating it as a standalone work to be critiqued in isolation. Thus we are able to see how Adam and Eve are set apart as bearers of the seeds of God’s salvation and how this seed is carried through the generations of Noah, Abraham and Jacob. In short, we see Christ in Genesis. Paul tackles some tough questions along the way so if you want to answer questions like “Who did Cain marry if there was supposed to be no-one else around?” then you can find answers here. It’s a well researched book, but being a non-academic work doesn’t swamp you with references. There’s a good balance and it is easy to read. In short it does what it says on the cover – it is Genesis for ordinary people.

9/10. Robin Thompson.
(Published in "Never For Nothing".)

5 Stars Review By Peter Waller on June 29, 2015
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Paul Poulton has a very engaging writing style. It is fun to read his book about Genesis. Poulton shows that many parts of the Genesis text that are supported by archaeology and science; however, he also encourages us to have faith even when we don’t understand. When he comes to a part of Genesis that he does not understand, he says that he doesn’t understand it, but that does not mean that is not true. He may not be correct in all of his analyses, but my opinion is that he is much closer to a correct interpretation of Genesis than the great majority of theologians. I think one of the greatest things about the book is he develops the stories of human-human interaction and human-God interaction and makes them real. He teaches many life lessons that we can take home and apply to our lives. Review:
Bymrconcertmanon 08 December 2014

"So far Genesis for Ordinary People has open my mind up to a different look to the book of Genesis. I love how Paul speaks on your level making it so easy to follow along. If you want to learn more about Genesis then I would recommend to give this book a try." 5/5

"I like the precision and detail... a very good read indeed".
Martin Trevor Hill on Twitter

"Really enjoyed Genesis (for Ordinary People)."
Lynda James on Facebook

"Fishing for Praise" is an excellent book. Every Christian would benefit from reading it, in my humble opinion.
Martin Holland on Facebook

"Finally finished your book. So glad that I got the hard copy. I feel you have open my eyes up to Genesis so much more. Thank you so much for writing it. I learned so much from your book that here in America some things you never learn about that was in your book. I will probably wait a year then read it again. And here I thought you were just a musician."
David Ashley on Facebook

"I am enjoying your book on Genesis. You have a very nice writing style. I have similar views. I also think that Adam's descendants were the founders of Eridu. I read quite a bit of your book in Google books, and I ordered the Kindle Version. I really liked your arguments about Cain's wife and I am looking forward to studying more about Sodom and Gomorrah. I had never heard that information before, but it sounds really good.
Peter (by email)

"wonderful commentary on Genesis."
Becky Lagace - facebook

"I bought your Genesis book, which I enjoyed and learnt from, I wait with bated breath for Exodus (only another 64 books to write then)."
Andrew (email)