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Piano lessons started when Paul was four, Mrs Jeavons did her best, but when the radio was left on one afternoon and he heard Lightnin' Hopkins playing the blues, that was it. "That sounds a lot better than 'The Jolly Farmer Went A Hiking Down The Country Lane' and other things that Mrs Jeavons gets me to play".

Paul noticed that you can bend the notes on a guitar, "You can't do that on the piano, well unless you lift the lid and put your hand inside, but Mrs Jeavons always had ornaments on top of her Piano, so that wasn't practical." Piano was quickly changed for guitar. It was daily practice on the guitar from then on, imbibing styles from guitar players like George Harrison, Ron Wood and Freddie King.

Paul registered himself self-employed as a musician. Touring and recording with a number of artists and bands, it was all good experience, especially playing at larger venues like the Royal Albert Hall. Paul did quite a number of gigs with the fine reggae drummer Conrad Kelly, who now plays with Steel Pulse. Playing with Afro/Caribbean musicians taught Paul a lot about accents and rhythm's which still surface in his songs today.

After four years of touring with bands, Paul was offered a recording contract by Big Feet Music who released his first album. That year Paul did over a hundred performances in his first year on the road as a Singer/Songwriter.

The first CD was called "I Think I'm Being Followed" which contained the popular "Strange People". Paul's song writing was filled with the grit and reality of life. No June, Moon, Spoon rhymes for easy lyrics but a point to each song. CSLewis has always been a big influence on Paul, and the concise style of Lewis made its way into his song-writing.

Paul started recording with Chapel Lane who had released stuff for, Bryn Haworth, Larry Norman and Stevie Wonder who dueted with Charlene. They had an excellent studio in the Herefordshire countryside and Paul recorded "Fallen People On A Fallen Planet", "Body & Soul" and "Soothing Saul". Paul says Chapel Lane are a really great record company, putting no restrictions on studio time and are generally as helpful as an artist could want."

His band, The Paul Poulton Project use to be a seven piece. Ken Higgins played bass for a while, hes with Corinne Bailey Rae now, Mark Walker played keyboards hes a excellent session player with a number of chart bands. Leroy Johnson the consummate professional also played and Joe Blanks has played drums Then the band was slimmed down to a three piece. Ross Lander played bass, he is a very hot player from Huddersfield, and hes been in the band for about five years. Aron Bicskey is a Hungarian who lives in England, he plays drums, and he has a special feel that works well with the English musicians. The band play all types of venues in the UK and US and the shows are always fun.

Recently the Paul Poulton Project have taken a gospel/blues feel. With Denise J Thompson on drums and backing vocals, Karine Graham bass/keyboards and BVs and Leroy Johnson has been back in the band playing bass/keyboards and backing vocals. Plus Paul's son Isaac has been playing guitar and percussion.

The latest CD is Words, it reflects the new direction the band has taken and has had some fine reviews.